Lol, watch this one. It’s funny. I’ve been laughing my ass off for hours now. They call it Singlish, Singaporean English – in relation to the Swine Flu pandemic.Thank you sookyeong for the link and axis1019 for making the mv and uploading.


All credits goes to Wonder Girls, JYP Entertainment, mrbrown &

Bigbang’s HEAVEN PV

Amidst my recent 2PM fangirling – it’s inevitable for me to spazz the almighty for having a BIGBANG update. God, I still have the hots for Kwon Leader. Mighty fine.

Here’s there PV for Heaven, Jap version.

Just a quick glimpse.
The leader has the lead, & thank god they didn’t kiss.
Dae is driving! How cute!
TOP is smiling all through out, so cheery.
YB is hella fly with those sunglasses>
And for the G-ri fans, a lot of moments. 😉

1TYM’S TEDDY rejects Lady Gaga for 2NE1

It has been disclosed that Teddy, originally a member of hip-hop group 1TYM and now an active producer, rejected an offer to work with Lady Gaga, a pop-singer who is gaining the most popularity in the United States today.

teddyYang Hyun Suk, the president of YG Entertainment in which Teddy and 2NE1 are affiliated with, revealed, “A few months ago, Teddy and I attended a meeting with Jimmy Iovine, the representative of Interscope,” and, “After listening to songs that Teddy produced, Iovine asked if Teddy could produce a song for Lady Gaga.”

Interscope, composed of Lady Gaga as well as Black Eyed Peas, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Limp Bizkit, and a great number of popular artists, is the biggest entertainment company in the United States.

Additionally, Yang Hyun Suk said, “However, at that time Teddy could only reject the offer to work with Lady Gaga because he was working on 2NE1’s debut album,” and “Because he rejected all outside offers and focused more on 2NE1’s album, we could see good results.”

teddy4Teddy produced various hit songs such as TaeYang’s ‘Look at Only Me,’ Uhm JungHwa’s ‘Disco,’ and Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ last year and ‘Lollipop,’ which swept up all 1st places on music charts without any special broadcast activities, recently. His skills have surfaced once again with 2NE1’s debut song, ‘Fire,’ which he produced and is gathering attention by taking 1st places on music ranks.

Translated by bigbangnyuh.

credit: daum media


I am missing 1TYM real bad, comeback soon please?

BONUS! Here’s BK’s latest cyworld update saying We miss you.



I’m seeing more and more trends by the day. TOP has been wearing them ever since, but now – it has emerged yet again! I know all of 2NE1 has been thicks of it as part of their concepts, but to the guys? Hmmm? New.

Bring out the latest breed of metrosexuals.







Why do I always have Kwon Jiyong and Lee Minhoo on the same page?
Coincidence? Weird.

Bring the beat back.

SPILL! What a bummer. To all them students thinking that they can finally let go of their school right after graduation? You got the wrong idea. Here I am printing and  passing yet another edited copy of my thesis just so I could officially have a diploma.


Highlight of my week was certainly the fantastic reunion/night out with my highschool friends. It is what it is, you know. People come and go but most of the amazing personalities you will ever get to meet is in school. Send some lovin.

Thanks for the pic, P.

Thanks for the pic, P.

Here’s to the memories. 😉

Fangirl Mode: Random 2PM Pics

I am a VIP, but it won’t hurt to be a ‘HOTTEST’ either. I am currently a self-proclaimed 2PM Fan. Even though I laugh at myself for thinking Jaebom and Wooyoung are the same person months back, Lol. Now I have to decide between the two. I’m torn.

Recent pics of their random moments as they tasted this one controversial drink. Thank you to the 2PM Thread@soompi for the pictures.

They say cute, I say CAUGHT IN THE ACT! Aigoo. 😉

Take a look at Leader Jaebom.




And now cute, Wooyoung.



Entertainment Scandals: Fil Version

HOT ISSUE AND SCANDALOUS. All the Filipinos who tune into the local news would know this, we have a scandal once again. News has it, many videos of the said celebrity/doctor has leaked in the internet together with his many female partners – and has a warning that they will post more.


For us internationally aware, I can’t help but compare.


Is Hayden Kho the Filipino Version of Edison Chen? Just a thought, Don’t hate.