SNSD || New Job as Ambassadors

SNSD had already ended their Genie Campaign and as they do well in other activities, they have yet to add a new job descriptions in their resume. They are now Ambassadors for a Digital Television Campaign, handpicked by The Broadcast Communications Commission.



The Broadcast Communications Commission announced on the 31st,

“We have appointed SNSD as our goodwill ambassadors for the ‘switch to digital television’ campaign. We felt that SNSD’s wholesome sporty image and appeal to a wide range of age groups, will help us to amplify our message across the nation. We also hope that through this campaign, more can learn more about the benefits that digital television (HDTV) brings, compared to analog. Digital offers better picture and sound quality plus access to interactive services.”

Korea aims to cease all forms of analog broadcasting by 2012 and hopes that broadcasters/citizens can switch to digital as soon as possible. Apart from the 3 major tv broadcasters (KBS, SBS, MBC) and a few others, most broadcasters and citizens are still using analog tv equipment.

SNSD will be officially appointed as ambassadors on the morning of 3rd September in a special ceremony at Seoul’s Hilton Hotel.

Kim Hyun Joong || Best Actor?

Seoul Drama Awards 2009 has closed its online poll and revealed its online results. Apparently, Kim Hyun Joong won Best Actor in all three categories: Overseas, Japan & Korea.


Congratulations to all SS501/Hyunjoong fans who voted! 😉

F(X) || Revealing La Chata

After a blow by blow account of their member and their profiles, it feels like SM Entertainment is threatened by 4 MINUTE and other groups’ hype that they decided this sudden 40 seconds teaser to their new girl group’s Music Video.

f(x) with La Chata


Full MV will be released on September.
Meanwhile open this post for the teaser and full song. 😉

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Family Outing || Hyunjoong Filming

After filming for almost two days with the cast of Family Outing, Guest Kim Hyun Joong spares the traditional photo-op with the members, family and staff. Keep out for September,  for the airing of this episode. 😉


Lee Minho || Etude CF

Right after a booming news with a CF Partnership with Dara of 2NE1. Etude has released its CF with Lee Minho together with Park ShinHye. Good to say our dear star, Lee Minho is still the hottest star for bagging good endorsements in the scene.


Credits to kpopseries

JUNG YUNHO || Heading to the Ground Pics & Filming



  • Open this post for more Heading to the Ground Yunho Released Pics and his sentiments for being a budding actor, yet again.
  • Meanwhile, cheers for all the fans in Korea as they get to be part of a public filming. Details on how to join and what to wear and do inside this post. 😉

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SOOMPI CHARTS || August 2009 Week 05


Credits to SOOMPI
by: edward1849
  • BROWN EYED GIRLS reveals their magic and stays at the top spot with ABRACADABRA.
  • A Hot shot Debut in the Charts for Hwayobi
  • Biggest Mover goes to BAEK JIYOUNG this week.

TVXQ UPDATE! No Evidences Submitted, Disbandment Blown Off

More on TVXQ’s Trial with SM Entertainment:


  • Deadline for the courts request for Preservation of Evidence was not followed by SM Entertainment. These documents were crucial for the resolution of the cases filed by three of TVXQ Members, and while the documents are set to be released – the court’s decision varies. Without the documents, a final verdict due in September 11 will be affected.
  • Meanwhile, A-Nation has released a statement that TVXQ’s disbandment have been blown out of proportions.

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Beans of Welcome!

Hey Everyone, this G.  Giving you the beans of welcome for opening this blog of mine. I know I would’ve done the introductions way back, but being the newbie that I am ( Kpop blogging career of 4 months) – I still got a lot to learn. For the mean time, I am enjoying these three simple acts for my WordPress Kpop Blog.

  • Copying – meaning, getting off translated articles from original authors.
  • Compiling – suitable articles for your respective tastes.
  • Crediting – The most important of them all! More credits equals less hate.


I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and I have also made a special KPOP Collaboration at OH! KPOP, and I hope you share some comments as well. 🙂

Much Love and hope to hear from you, -G.

FT ISLAND HONGKI || Musical, Drama & More Kisses

It’s definitely FT Island’s Hongki’s time to shine this year. After starring in a musical, he is also set to make a new drama project.  However, this might just be some good news and bad news to some. Prepared?


  • Hongki’s Midsummer’s Night Makeover. From Orange to Blonde.
    From FT Island Idol to Ladies Man.  If you guys remembering the practice kiss he had with his fellow actress in my previous post, then prepare for more mouth action. Hardcore Fangirls, it’s all up to you if you wanna see it inside this post.
  • Rumors to be in a new band? Dumped. Just pictures of him and new band for his new drama project only. Due to be aired on October 7th.

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