Where is Yunho and Changmin?


The fact that U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin do not follow their 3 members to apply injunction application against SM Entertainment to suspend the exclusive contract effect has been drawing a lot of attention.


This is concerning the fact that usual popular group has term of record sale gain distribution averagely 4~5% per member which means if there’s an disadvantageous policy in the contract, that will affect relatively the entire group.

Results confirm that the two members did not participate in court because they have different perspective look of the distributing profits issue with remaining three members.

In addition, the parent of these two also seem to be 100% satisfied with SM terms and conditions since after Choikang Changmin and Yunho debuted in a very young age, they already earned nearly 1.5 billion revenue over five years and that’s more than enough.

When the 3 members Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun went to the agency for the first time in last June, the parents of Changmin and Yunho were in agreement to coordinate for the legal disputes. However, at that moment the two members parents concerned that this case would led to the destroy of TVXQ image as “Asia Star”, therefore they stood aback.

Another reason being said about Yunho and Changmin to take different position is because they care more to their parents’ financial problems and a perspective that their future potential growth will be safer under SM.


“Changmin and Yunho become Asia top stars because SM recognized them out of many people at the first place and also SM efforts in developing them is one of the big factor, non arguably. They made their desicion considering long term activities as main priority.”

Meanwhile, the absence of Changmin and Yunho in the case has risen some radical criticism from some fans, “Changmin and Yunho are absent from the case, it’s like a betrayal to Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun.”

Yet, until now, there’s no report that states Changmin and Yunho will likely follow the step of the rest three members.

The close associates of the two members said, “Their separated position is chosen by the members themselves, but it’s been misinterpretation that there’s fight among the members. Please try to understand more in Changmin and Yunho’s perspective.”

In addition, the silence act held by TVXQ’s agency in Japan, AVEX through this case also has been being questioned by many parties. Not only SM who refused to show the exact amount of TVXQ’s income, but the Japan agency seems to act the same. It’s noted that from all these times, TVXQ members have been working diligently to serve both parties without even knowing what kind of contract they are under.


Meanwhile, both Yunho and Changmin have been busy filming for their own set of dramas and shoots. And this was what one representative has to say:

“U-Know Yunho is working extremely hard on set as he usually does even though he is surrounded by the chaos that is happening right now,”

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