2NE1 || Dara’s Ex & Minji’s Fashion

2NE1 got news early today and it mainly talks about specific members:


  • And yet another episode of Netizens Overreacting! YG Entertainment has released their statements regarding the Care Bear Pants incident concerning Dara and Minji – yet the fashion criticisms just won’t stop.
  • Pep.ph has released an article stating Joseph Bitangcol (Dara’s Ex) and their reunion the last time Dara was in the Philippines. If asked if there are chances for them to get back together, he said that it was a bit shaky because of their careers and all, but they did remain friends in the reunion with an extra awkwardness of course. By the way, he’s a fan of her now. 😉

Really, when is enough – enough guys?
You’re too much already.



YG Entertainment came out to say on 21st August, “We are really sorry about this and we will make sure that it will not happen again.” But it seems many are not convinced by this explanation.

Some of netizens’ responses are:

  • “I cannot understand how they can let Gong MinJi, a minor, wear such clothes”
  • “These are people whom the teenages will want to follow after”
  • “Isn’t 2NE1’s fashion coordi GDragon’s friend?”
  • “Why do they keep wearing those when they keep getting criticised for it?”
  • “I want to buy that tee GDragon is wearing”
  • “That should be the fault of the fashion coordi right?”
  • “I don’t like it because I have a sibling at MinJi’s age and I cannot image her wearing that”

Credits: KBites


Earlier this month, 2NE1 took a week off from ‘I Don’t Care’ promotions, and the four members went off on their separate vacations. During her four-day trip to the Philippines, Sandara reunited with none other than Joseph Bitangcol, her ex-boyfriend! Apparently, Sandara used to be on the Filipino version of We Got Married, Love Team, and had a “relationship” with Bitangcol that bloomed into something real. “Our relationship did last for three years. I was happy that we had the Star Circle Quest reunion. But of course, I was happy that I was able to see Sandy whom I haven’t seen for so long because she is now based in South Korea.”

Though Sandara returned to South Korea on August 1, 2007, she stayed in contact with Bitangcol; in fact, she met up with him in late 2008 during her training months. “She’s really changed a lot from head to foot, physically … even her stance seems to have changed. She’s also turned really stylish. Even her dancing has improved,” Bitangcol, who’s known for his dance skills himself, added. “I joke about how she could join us now whenever we dance but she simply laughed it off.”

Regarding their reunion this month, “when I arrived at the venue where we were supposed to meet, I got excited because it had been such a long time since I last saw her. I immediately wanted to talk to her to give my greetings and congratulate on her success. … When time passed, we managed to bond more. We were supposed to go out again the next day but eventually we had to cancel it because her schedule was so packed and she had to return to Korea soon.”

The Filipino actor went on to admit, “when we saw each other … there was a bit of awkward shyness. But it turned out okay. She also felt shy. I can’t easily begin conversation with her because for every little chance that I try to initiate the talk, our friends would immediately tease us. They’d begin whispering then they would tease us all over. Then I started the conversation. I asked everything about her current life. I asked how her family is doing. I also asked about the other members of her group (2NE1) like if they are being nice to her. Of course it is a group, it would be hard to avoid jealous fits.”

Bitangcol has followed Sandara’s 2NE1 successes on Youtube and admitted that he was a fan; he said that he was proud of his ex-girlfriend because, though she had left the Philippines for a career in her birth country, she still visits from time to time. “That is actually the pleasing part because even though she got popular, she never forgets. The fact that she chose to go here when she was given a vacation even if she could freely go to other countries”

And the million dollar question – will/can the duo get back together? “Because of the current state of her career, it would be impossible. But I am not denying the possibility. The feelings are still there. It truly feels different when you see the person. The feeling suddenly comes back. For now, what’s important is that we have good careers. I am okay here and she’s okay there. Only time could tell if we’re truly meant to be.”

Source: Pep.ph
Credits; Allkpop


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