YG BEANS 082309 || 2NE1’S Talents & BB’s TV

In today’s episode of YG BEANS, the only beans spilling post towards YG’s latest talents:


  • 2NE1 revealed that one of their hidden talents as a group is to speak different languages. A total of six if combined actually, and that’s impressive. YG picks best, no need for refresh training or something. Also, in their latest broadcast the girls told everyone who the members are in their own little home.
  • BIGBANG TV will reveal individual TV’s for each member. From Seungri’s Musical to Daesung’s Recovery. This should be a good one. 😉

Open this post for the original articles.

2NE1 has revealed their hidden talent through broadcast programme.

2NE1 was on KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 22nd August in an interview and when asked by reporter Kim TaeJin about their ability in foreign lanaguages they said, “We know 6 foreign languages from Tagalog, to French, to English to Japanese.”

And in the interview, Sandara Park introduced herself in Tagalog, CL in French and Gong MinJi in Japanese language.

Also the girls talked about each members’ role in the group – Sandara is the atmosphere-maker, Park Bom is the one in charge of aegyo, and leader CL is the ‘omma (mother)’, and youngest member MinJi is in charge of roasting bread in their dormitory.

Member Sandara Park also talked about their broken Music Bank trophy which she had posted the photos to online, “The production team has came and contact us telling us ‘We will fix it’ after knowing that the trophy became 2 pieces.”

Credits Kbites.


Upcoming episodes will feature the following:

Seungri TV -> SHOUTING musical experiences

GD TV -> Heartbreaker promotions

Taeyang TV -> solo album making

TOP TV -> solo album making

Daesung TV -> road to recovery after accident

Credits Daily Kpop News


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