GD’s Beans & More!

After a very hyped up solo debut performance, Gdragon has been hitting the waves for some beans.
Here are some spills:


  • After coming back with his first solo performance yesterday, Gdragon has been receiving a lot of love – not just from the fans but also from the rest of the YG FAMILY. That’s what you call family. Although, he doesn’t love himself much at all and give his performance a poor rating. What a leader.
  • Also, GDragon is now the only Korean face sponsored by Louis Vuitton.
  • The best news of all? INKIGAYO’s rating peaked yesterday after many fans tuned in to Gdragon’s performance. What a superb thing to do! This should keep my baby proud! 😉
  • However, amidst the good news – netizens are still jealous of the guy and graced another copyright infringement attack. This time for the song Leaders. Which has been linked to SNSD’s Gee Music.

More of his schedule inside. 😉



After shooting his first solo stage GDragon had a short meeting with the media and said,

“I usually don’t get nervous but today I did. It’s been a long time since I’ve performed in Korea but when I saw my fans I got less nervous and enjoyed performing. I’ve prepared 3 months for the ‘Heartbreaker’ performance. In the past Bigbang performances I haven’t showed much of my dancing so it may be a little weird to see me dancing but I’ll try my best to show another side of myself.

Many people like Yang Hyunsuk, Teddy, Kush, Taeyang etc. gave a lot of advice. Whenever there was stuff that I didn’t know I asked Taeyang who had the solo experience. Its natural that I feel a lack of something after my performance; my first stage was delayed a lot so I think the expectancy dropped a little.

However I will improve so the fans can look foward to my performances. If I had to mark my stage today I would give it a 4 out of 10.”


With G-Dragon has become a hot issue also in the fashion field with his comeback. There are tons of inquiry calls to his stylist and YG Entertainment about clothing sponsorship.

Louis Vuitton has decided to do a clothing sponsorship only for GD (no one else in Korea is sponsored by Louis Vuitton). They have promised to sponsor him with Kanye West’s limited edition shoes collection with no request for a photo shoot that companies usually ask for when they sponsor celebrities. ‘W’ magazine that had G-Dragon’s photo shoot, they started negotiating last winter.

Credits:Daum and Naver
Taken from Kacey@DailyKpopNews




According to TNS Media Korea, at the moment where G-Dragon appeared for his debut stage, the rating peaked at an impressive 17%. This was a phenomenal record, considering that usual average ratings for Inkigayo were less than 10%. The average rating for Inkigayo on 30th August was 14.1%, a rise of 2.8 percentage points compared to 16th August.

G-Dragon’s title song Heartbreaker and album has also dominated various offline and online charts since it’s release on 18th August. And the explosive popularity was reflected on the 28th August episode of Music Bank, where he held off Brown Eyed Girls and 2NE1 to claim his first-ever solo K-Chart win, a result which astonished the Music Bank PDs.

G-Dragon is scheduled to record Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate on 2nd September, followed by his debut stage on Music Bank on 4th September.

Netizens never stop. Argh.


Included in GDragon’s new solo album, “Heartbreaker,” is the song “The Leaders.” This song is known to many for the famous featuring of CL and Teddy. However, looks like this song is the next up in the netizens’ debate for plagiarism.

Many of you hardcore GDragon fans may have already heard the song “The Leaders” many times. Those of you then must know the famous part where GDragon makes a reference to the Girls Generations song “Gee.” For those you haven’t the part goes something like “GGGG G baby baby GD GD baby baby.” Many netizens are making a fuss about how the lyrics and the rhythm is an exact copy of Girls Generations “Gee.”

Here the fight between the netizens:

Netizen #1 : GDragon is copying the lyrics and the rhythm to the Girls Generation’s song “Gee.” Also, before he had even been spotted for plagiarizing other songs too (Heartbreaker).
Netizen #2 : Why would GDragon be copying a popular song like “Gee?” GDragon is dissing Girls Generation during that part of the song by using a similar “Gee” rhythm to show off his confidence.
Netizen #3 : GDragon is just making a reference to “Gee” so its not a big deal.

Many netizens are keeping the thoughts that GDragon had been accused of plagiarism before that leads them to think that perhaps GDragon would have copied Girls Generation.

Source: Sookyeong


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