TVXQ UPDATE! No Evidences Submitted, Disbandment Blown Off

More on TVXQ’s Trial with SM Entertainment:


  • Deadline for the courts request for Preservation of Evidence was not followed by SM Entertainment. These documents were crucial for the resolution of the cases filed by three of TVXQ Members, and while the documents are set to be released – the court’s decision varies. Without the documents, a final verdict due in September 11 will be affected.
  • Meanwhile, A-Nation has released a statement that TVXQ’s disbandment have been blown out of proportions.

The Preservation of Evidence request that TVXQ’s YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu has not been followed through.The Seoul District accepted the three members’ request and asked their agency SM Entertainment to hand in all documents relevant to this trial. However, it has been found that SM has not hand in these documents even though the 20 days the Courts gave them expired on the 26th.
These documents are crucial as the Courts even stated at the first hearing on the 21st that they needed documents relevant to this trial to come to a decision. The Courts stated, “After going through all the documents that must be submitted by the 26th, the Courts will come to a decision three weeks later on September 11th.”

This is because these documents will determine whether SME’s claim that TVXQ earned 49.8 billion Won as well as their claim that SME earned 148.7 billion Won is true or not. This means that TVXQ’s income and output will all be revealed. Many fans have stated that the amount SME stated was TVXQ’s total earnings was very questionable. A lot of attention was focused on the trial as many believed they would be able to reveal and eliminate all monetary problems and rumors about the agency and the group.

But in truth, it is hard for SME to adhere to this request. If SME submits all documents including account books, receipts and transaction, all their expenses and true income will be revealed. The secrets that may be revealed include ‘company secrets’ that SME has developed over the years to debut singers.

One representative said, “We have already shown as much as we can for this trial. It is impossible for us to hand in all our documents relevant to this trial.”

Many fans have stated that the amount SME stated TVXQ earned was very questionable. They say that all the money from albums, events, CFs, photobooks, DVDs, and other services adds up to a staggering amount. Fans handed in a petition to the Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 28th stating that SME was violating the human rights of TVXQ with their exclusive contract.

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When the countdown on stage reached “0”, fans carrying Tohoshinki’s green towels, dyed the stadium with the green colour and filled it with their loud screams.

They performed 7 hit songs, of which 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう」was one of them.
Their singing, which uses their whole body, and their crisp and powerful dances captivated many female fans, and of course, male fans as well.

Actually, Yunho had injured his right thigh one week ago. He hurriedly underwent treatment so he could stand on stage, and showed intense dance performances.
Such a leader was also an inspiration to the other four. The audiences were all fascinated.

As he moved from end to end of the stage, Jejung said, “We wish to see more of the audiences”.
The members had interactions with one another through high-touches and shaking hands when they passed each other, showing off a strong unity.

Source: [Daily Sports Online]
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