GDRAGON || ME2DAY & Online Poll

Once again, Gdragon has updated his me2day account with yet another picture of Gaho. This little pet of his is getting a lot of attention lately, and it’s undeniably agreeable. He’s cute for Christ’s sake, and has the cutest pet owner of all!


Nonetheless, our dear Kwon Leader has also topped an online poll. 😉

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Dream Concert 2009 || Popularity Poll

Dream Concert is nearing, and they have opened their website for an official poll over Popular Kpop Artists of 2009. I’m still figuring out the official links and all so you could all vote, but for now – gaze your eyes over the tentative results.

dream concert 2009

Go vote! 😉

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BIGBANG || Members with Solo Career & MV Filming?

YG’s President had released a statement regarding the Solo Junctions of Bigbang’s members. Specifically on Taeyang and Gdragon with their solo project as musicians. With the rest of the members having the limelight in shows, series and musicals. Meanwhile, pictures had been circulating round the internet of the four boys minus Gdragon – filming.


Dubbed to be as their next music video? That’s I’m not sure.

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Online Poll : #1 Star people want to spend Chuseok with

It’s Chuseok Holiday in Korea lately…and I get what it means. Apparently, it’s a Korean 3-day Holiday where you all go back to your hometown if I’m not mistaken and it seems somehow festive. However, another online site has released a poll result regarding ” The Idol You want to Visit your Hometown with” and SNSD’s Taeyeon got the top spot.


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Update! KIM BUM in Manila + Pictures

The first I saw the news, I actually asked myself it was legit or not – and then the fan accounts and pictures. Haha. Anyhow, KimBum paid a visit to Manila today for a CF Filming together with local artist Maja Salvador. He will be endorsing RC Cola, a local carbonated beverage.


BOF Boys love colas eh?
First was Pepsi with Lee Minho, Coke with Kim Hyun Joong and now RC Cola with Kim Bum.
What’s next for Kim Jun?

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SUPER JUNIOR-M || Topping the Charts

Super Junior-M has shown their mighty power again! 😉
Topping the charts in both Taiwan and Korea like no other.


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Samsung’s ” Dream Team”

It’s confirmed. UEE, Gain, Hyuna & Seungyeon did come together to form a project group as part of Samsung’s new campaign. They are said to be the new ‘Dream Team’ as aces of each girl has been selected to take the part.


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KIM BUM || In Manila?

Woah. News has it, Kim Bum is in Manila vicinity to film a CF with local actress Maja Salvador. Don’t fret dear fans, there’s a meet and greet for you as well. 😉


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“Jejung & Yuchun” || Impressing Sales and Charts

I’m still getting used to their Japanese counternames, “Jejung & Yuchun”. Meanwhile, Jaejoong and Yoochun has shown TVXQ fans and Japanese market what it’s like to have impressive sales amidst their foreign status. They’re duo under the name TVXQ have reportedly sold 180,000 copies.

JJ & YC 2

Now that’s a good news amidst the trouble. I love the cover btw. So peaceful. ;))

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BigBang & 2NE1 || In One Stage

Korea’s all about Chuseok as of the moment, and a lot of specials hovering our screens as a result. ‘Idol Big Show’ had confirmed a stage with 2NE1 & Gdragon for their October 3rd episode – performing songs they had never performed live before.  Much to the fans delight, Bigbang has reunited in one stage as a surprise number in the said show.

BIGBANG (4)2ne1 (5)

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