2NE1 || Dara’s Kiss & Minji’s Grandma

It is definitely 2NE1’s day today. What to expect from the girls?


  • Dara’s commercial with Lee Minho reveals a kiss. Driving every fan crazy!
  • Meanwhile, Minji talks about her grandmother.

More inside.

The picture says it all, nuff said.
Credits to Kbites


Meanwhile, Minji states a sentiment about her grandmother.

Girlgroup 2NE1 member Gong MinJi reveals that her grandmother Madam Gong OkJin helps her monitor her progress and is proud of her.

2NE1 was featured on SBS ‘One Night’s Entertainment’ aired on 2nd September when Gong MinJi said, “Even though grandmother’s health is not good, she does monitoring for me.”

And Dara’s randomness. 😉

Also the members were asked if they feel reality from their popularity, Sandara Park said, “Because we don’t have much time to go out and look around we are not sure, but sometimes during filming and we walk on the streets we hear ‘I don’t care’ playing in cafes and restaurants. When times like that, I feel like opening the window and saying ‘annyeonghasaeyo’ but I controlled myself not to do that.”

Article Credits to Kbites.



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  1. …”dara is very sweet…,,,,go dara love you from all your fans in pinas…,,

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