2NE12day || Dara & Minji’s Poses

Once again, 2NE1 has showed us their quirky/sexy sides after boarding a plane to China. Recording or Vacation? We don’t know, but it’s actually the first time the girls went out of the country together. 😉


The me2days posts where taken September 22, 2009.

Translation + Picture Credits to Allkpop

It’s not really surprising, but it’s the first time 2NE1 came overseas together. I was nervous because it was our first time, but I had a fun time,” she continued, “Although it’s a shame that the trip was only for 1 night and 2 days, we have to go back home!” (Dara)

Fans replied:

  • “It looks really nice”
  • “Hurry and return to us with your new album.”


What’s up~?! We have returned to our hotel!! To give a little mood, we have apple juice to drink and tiramisu to eat. My roommate here is only taking pictures of me and is restraining herself from revealing her S-line. I’m sorry but the sight of her in a shower gown is for my eyes only! ^.^


Good morning~! ^.^ Guess who this is~? Who would this seductively posing person in the gown be?! …


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