Laugh to all fanboys, fangirls takes a break from the jealousy. This time, Mnet Scandal’s next episode features two members from rookie girl group T-ARA. Hyomin and Qri’s pictures has been released, and it looks like fun indeed. ;)



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London & Kim Bum

Jealous. The only time that I am not present in London and Kim Bum arrived. Better yet, here are some pictures of his trip to London.


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Maybe on hiatus. I don’t know. I have yet originally planned to change the “Beans” name and move on for a fresh start. It hurts to see that I’ll be saying goodbye now that I’ve reached 70,000+ hits now…or almost? However, for some good news. I have made another KPOP Blog site, same thing — but not that messy and all anymore.

To my dear readers, I have really appreciated all your support and comments.

But I wish you to show the same love to ILOVEOHKPOP. It’s still me in there, still the same. Just a different name.
We cool?

Click on the picture for the link.


TVXQ || SM Contracts Revealed

After the court’s verdict being in favor of TVXQ and its members, SM Town have released their contract details — and it’s not that splendid to see. Details under this post.

tvxqgroup (5)


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CF COLLABORATION || Wonder Girls & Thunder

Just a few days after MBLAQ’s debut, Thunder is making some good deals. This time doing a commercial deal with a coffee brand, in collaboration with the Wonder Girls. Rad, right? 😉



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PARK BOM || ” You and I” MV

2NE1’s main vocalist PARK BOM has released her first ever solo music video for You And I. And in support, fellow member Dara also shared some thoughts for member’s new venture via  me2day. 😉

bom (3)

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Dear Fanboys, you will be blessed that BROWN EYED GIRLS will yet make another shocking comeback. As claimed by their reps, it will be the same shock we got for Abracadabra. Curious much? Here are some updates of the girls’ next single.

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