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Day by day, international netizens have shown support to their Korean favorites — in their own little way. And what little way is that? The ever trending use of TWITTER of course. Nonetheless, netizens have rose up massive get togethers or maybe just plain coincidences to put their favorite artists in Twitter’s Trending Topics. May it be as a sign of protest, support or simple fun little flash mobs.


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  • Jaebom & 2PM

After the departure of 2PM’s leader Park Jaebom after his Myspace Issue — International netizens, or for this sake, any person who has a Twitter account had tweeted the tag #whattimeisitnow as a sign of his comeback. In slight desperation that Jay (who also has an account), will read the silent protest and comeback. The funny thing however was that, other people who didn’t knew about the background of the tag — posted the time. đŸ˜‰

2PM (3)

Its time for the leader Jay Park of the boy group 2PM to be forgiven & comeback. “what time is it now” was 2PM’s intro song from their 2nd mini album. Fans (called HOTTESTS) are creating more awareness about his situation as well as asking @followjyp (CEO of Jay’s entertainment company – JYP entertainment) to let him return to Korea. — Quoted from

Previous attempts however included: #wooyoungscheeks, #chansungsfood,# oktaecyeonsteeth,# khunswink, #jaebumsabs, #junhosbutt, #junsuvoice All made it to the trending topic, with a conclusion that — Twitter has heard their cries, hoping that JYP will too.


In flashmob type kind of way, fans of TVXQ also showed their attempt to be heard — this time reaching out to every tweep out there as they shouted #tvxqhwaiting. This way they wish to spread the message that they don’t want their favorite idol band to split up. This became a trend when the boys where in the final verdict between their legal case towards SM Entertainment. Were the fans heard? I think they were.

tvxqgroup (3)

TVXQ is a popular asian five-man singing group. Three members, Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong, recently filed a lawsuit against their record company, SM Entertainment, for their unfair contract. They won one phase of the lawsuit, but SM is filing an appeal, saying that the group cannot perform together right now. TVXQ fans have this hashtag in hopes that the group does not split up. “Hwaiting” is a Korean translation of “Fighting!”, meaning “Don’t give up!” or “Hang in there!” — Quoted from



  • In an attempt to help Wonder Girls reach BillBoard history, wonderfuls have spread the tweet #wondergirls
  • When one member celebrates his birthday, VIP’s are alert to spread their greetings. TOP got his trending topic just awhile ago #happybdaytop



  • ProjectHottests@Twitter had organized the massive tweets of #hottesttimeoftheday to back their leader up, but since Hottests all around are sticking up to their boycott, the plan is cancelled.  You can check them out at project hottest



  • From the twelfs: A Project for Super Junior’s 4th Anniversary :MAKE #superjunior and #standbykangin TRENDING TOPICS ON NOV 6 12AM. Check them out at twelfs

It’s not on the big things fans can be acknowledge, but when they act on something — it must be for a reason. Hoping to be heard from every angle is a good plea, even if the idea sounds funny or ridiculous once in awhile. However, because of these simple technologies — international fans such as I can be heard even in our simple tweets.

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