Lee Minho || Japan Fan Meeting

Lee Minho all set to go for his first fan meeting in Japan this coming November 26. Also inside this post is  his schedule and activities for a little self-promotion. 😉


Note to the Japanese fans: LOTS OF PICTURES PLEASE. 😉

Lee Min-ho, the star of the hit drama “Boys Over Flowers,” is holding his first fan meeting in Japan.

The 22-year-old actor has visited other Asian countries, including Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, for promotional events before, and this time he will meet his Japanese fans at “Minoz JAPAN First Event” in Tokyo on Nov. 26. The event was to be held only once, but with tickets selling out quickly, organizers decided to hold a couple more. Specific dates and venues of the additional events were not confirmed.

Activities before the actual fan meeting:

  • Lee will also appear on talk shows and mini-concerts during the Korea Entertainment Festival, which will be held at Universal Studios Japan, Nov. 22.
  • On Nov. 25, Lee will attend an autograph event for his first photo essay “Yeo, Travel with MINHO.”

Lee shot to stardom as the handsome and arrogant Goo Jun-pyo, depicting the Japanese cartoon character with the same dark curls and smile. The drama, along with the cast including Lee, Kim Beom, Kim Hyun-joong and the heroine Ku Hye-sun, captivated fans in Korea and Asia.

Credit to : Han Sang-hee (sanghee@koreatimes.co.kr)
source: koreatimes.co.kr

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