TWITTER || The Power of KPOP Part II

The Power of Kpop Part 2! So, I’ve been out and about these past few days after a sucky internet provider broke down on me — and when I popped back to my favorite social site (Twitter), Kpop fans have shown their strength once again. Not only for one artist but two, plus a music show.


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After a successful trending by the twelfs or tweeting elfs as I would like to call them — for the 4th Anniversary of Super Junior plus their support for Kangin last November 6, 2009. An on the spot trend for Park Jaebum, Shinee and Inkigayo was found on the trending spots of Twitter today, November 8th. Pretty cool fans don’t you think?



Why was he trending? Care to know why? Well, ProjectHottest@Twitter had made this last minute plan to put Jaebum on the trending topic on November 8th — and on the succeeding 8th of the following months.  Making a deal that the Hottests are not in anyway getting tired of waiting.

The caps were made by me, so feel free to credit — or if you were the one in the list, shout out okay?


Why is JAEBUM popular right now? Explains:



Park Jaebeom, Leader of South Korea popular dance boy group 2PM left the group and some say he was kicked out after controversies surrounding him regarding his Myspace comments made in 2005 were discovered. 2PM fans, or more widely known as HOTTEST, are still hoping and believing someday their idol will come back. Park Jaebeom has gained support from many in the spotlight such as politicians and other entertainers. There has been an outpouring support from his international fans as well as business/shop owners in South Korea whom posted banners and posters outside their shop saying “They won’t support 2PM without a Jaebeom”.


Why was Shinee trending? There are only two possible reasons for this one:

  1. They won yet another award in Inkigayo today, hence the many tweets about their win.
  2. And some cared to show some support after two members have been diagnosed with AH1N1 just this month.


  • Inkigayo

Why was Inkigayo trending?

All thanks to the SHAWOLS and all Shinee fans, today’s hot Inkigayo stage plus Shinee’s win placed them on a deserving trending topic spot — even if for a little while.



Well, I have made a pact to watch out and blog about the latest happenings on Twitter and KPOP — and it seems a fun tactic don’t you thin? I’ve read some Kpop Fans’ tweets and they all simple wanted to pitch in to show their support to the music they love. For me, personally, I think that the fans are putting more and more optimism on the fanhood – minus the scandals and negativity.

Some who aren’t really into our KPOP thing might get the wrong idea with this organized tweets, but if more and more support shows up — This silent protest might just hit the right people.

*Cough JYP – *Cough SM* Nah, just kidding.
Have fun everyone. Keep supporting iloveohkpop, keep us informed and we’ll help spread the love.


Original Article by “G” at Iloveohkpop + Caps.
AKA ohgelie@twitter.

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