SUPER JUNIOR-M || Super Girl and 2nd Album Details

SUPER JUNIOR-M || Super Girl and 2nd Album Details



Super Junior-M had an interview last October 16 with Netease, for being China’s first trans-national group has talked about the success of ” Super Girl”, some second album details and their idea of their very own Super Girl.

Source: shiningbluey + DKP

During the interview, each and every of SJ-M’s members shared the image of their Super Girl in their hearts and Hankyung says that the Super Girl in his heart is his mother. During the games segment, the Korean members expresses their proficiency in Mandarin by using Mandarin to thank their fans, who always supported them. They also announced that they will release their 2nd official album early next year.

Daily Kpop News had posted a detailed transcript of the interview, I’ll only post some of it. 😉


The Question: Fans really want to take a look at this dance, after《SORRY, SORRY》will we have a new dance?

  • Hankyung : “Sorry sorry” is really easy, everyone knows how to dance it. This time, we wanted it to be that we are dancing on stage and everyone is interacting with us in the crowd .It makes everyone feels more “high” so we used a much simpler dance step.
  • Zhoumi : When we’re dancing, all 7 of us have the same dance moves. So let the 7 of us bring the best and easiest part to bring everyone into the performance, and show it to all of you.
  • Hankyung : Because many people who are watching the performance are sitting down, these dance moves allows the people to join us while sitting down, very easy.

The Question: Who or What is a ” Super Girl” to you?

  • Siwon : I think my Super Girl is warm and pure.
  • Zhoumi : Yes. I feel that everybody must want their Super Girl to be beautiful on the outside, the more beautiful she is, the better. However, I feel that no matter if the person is a man or a woman, the inner heart is the most important. She must be kind, sensible, understands boys and if she’s also beautiful outside, its even better.
  • Kyuhyun : Fans
  • Hankyung : My mother(laughs). I feel that my mother is considered a strong woman. She worked hard to earn money last time to put me through school and now, she still thinks about my welfare and it is like she went to work just because of me. I really love her.
  • Donghae : My Super Girl is a girl with a beautiful forehead. Because when I see nice foreheads, I would feel like kissing it (laughs)
  • Henry : My mother. To me, my mother is the most important woman in my life. My biggest wish is to be more successful now and after that, I will shoulder my parents’ stress.
  • Ryeowook : Fans. This is our fan’s name.

The Questions: What’s next for Super Junior-M?

  • Hankyung : Currently, our new mini album has just been released, other than this album activities, there is still SJ’s concert, it will be at Shanghai, Nanjing and Beijing, or at other places in Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand and other countries. In this period of time, not only in China, Taiwan or Hongkong, we have a hectic schedule Thus, we are trying our very best to prepare the official SJ-M 2nd album early next year.

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