2NE1 || 11st CF Version II

CF OF THE DAY (111409) || 2NE1 for 11st

2ne1_11st (1)

2NE1 is back and conquering endorsements by storm as they released a second version of their 11st CF. In the form of cute poses with a reporting concept.

Watch the aegyo inside. πŸ˜‰
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In whatever angle of every press release they have all made, the conclusion is very obvious — there is still no one in both camps willing to set the trouble behind. SM Entertainment are still pointing some misjudgements on the three alleged members, and TVXQ Three aka Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are mum to their word to not agree on anything unless true legal considerations are presented.


It gives me, a fan, to a conclusion that no matter the legality, professional standards and bonding one spends on their entertainment company (vice versa on their artists) — when actions are made, especially legal ones, it’s a long duration for one to stand by it. I’m proud of the three who continues to fight for what they think is wrong, but that only prolongs everyone’s agony don’t you think?

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SUPER JUNIOR-M || Super Girl and 2nd Album Details

SUPER JUNIOR-M || Super Girl and 2nd Album Details



Super Junior-M had an interview last October 16 with Netease, for being China’s first trans-national group has talked about the success of ” Super Girl”, some second album details and their idea of their very own Super Girl.

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KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?

KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?


More and more online surveys are appearing, and this time idol groups are in the spotlight as Office Workers Favorite Group. Who topped the survey? Number one is the picture above. Open this post for the rest of the results.

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Lee Minho || Japan Fan Meeting

Lee Minho all set to go for his first fan meeting in Japan this coming November 26. Also inside this post isΒ  his schedule and activities for a little self-promotion. πŸ˜‰


Note to the Japanese fans: LOTS OF PICTURES PLEASE. πŸ˜‰
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TWITTER || The Power of KPOP Part II

The Power of Kpop Part 2! So, I’ve been out and about these past few days after a sucky internet provider broke down on me — and when I popped back to my favorite social site (Twitter), Kpop fans have shown their strength once again. Not only for one artist but two, plus a music show.


Spread the love? Open this post.
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Kim Bum || The Singer

Kim Bum who has recently shocked his fans with his transformation for his new movie role, will also keep us guessing – for he will be debuting as a Singer in Japan.


Open this post for the details and his schedule.
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Most Favorite Artist || College Entrance Examination Candidates

Most Favorite Artist || College Entrance Examination Candidates


SS501 bagged the top spot for being the most favorite artists for College Entrance Examination candidates — voted by the netizens of course.Β  Garnering 38% of the votes. For the rest of the results, open this post. πŸ˜‰
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Family Outing || Dara + UEE Preview

This has been the Family Outing episode you’ve all been waiting for –— 2NE1’s Dara and After School’s UEE will be on your television screens via Family Outing on November 15 and 22.


Preview under the cut.

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TVXQ || Jaejoong’s telecinema debut

The telecinema that TVXQ’s Jaejoong is in – is not preparing for its release on November 12.


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