Spillin’ My Beans

Everything personal, rants and all other what nots in my life.
It’s all here.

You guys can call me Gee.
You can follow me: twitter.com/ohgelie

For the benefit of accusations of credits and all, my sources would rotate from: allkpop, seoulbeats, sookyeong (kbites) & CodeMonmon@youtube. The rest are from the band’s threads @soompi.

Cool & Clear?

It’s obvious from my homepage that I’m a big K! Fan, meaning I’m really into anything Korean – most of it are their music and celebs anyway. From time to time, I do spill away some personal information, through my blog so do catch that.  And of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t so random – so there.


Cheers. 😉

6 Responses

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  3. Hi , I like ss501 soooooooo much and I hope to see more things about this band please can you tell how can I coumenucate with this band I mean ss501 special kim hyun joong ……..

  4. G! Dude. How do I subscribe to your feeds? 😉

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