KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?

KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?


More and more online surveys are appearing, and this time idol groups are in the spotlight as Office Workers Favorite Group. Who topped the survey? Number one is the picture above. Open this post for the rest of the results.

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TWITTER || The Power of KPOP Part II

The Power of Kpop Part 2! So, I’ve been out and about these past few days after a sucky internet provider broke down on me — and when I popped back to my favorite social site (Twitter), Kpop fans have shown their strength once again. Not only for one artist but two, plus a music show.


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KPOP Trending || Trending Kpop Topics

Day by day, international netizens have shown support to their Korean favorites — in their own little way. And what little way is that? The ever trending use of TWITTER of course. Nonetheless, netizens have rose up massive get togethers or maybe just plain coincidences to put their favorite artists in Twitter’s Trending Topics. May it be as a sign of protest, support or simple fun little flash mobs.


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JYPE || Statements on Jaebom’s “marketing”

JYPE has released a statement expressing a wish to end marketing “exagerrated” tactics to promote, and using Jaebom as their medium. As far as his popularity is concerned, he is already being a target of advertisements and random teases.


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Park Jaebom || Life in Seattle

The KBS2 Show that had a special interview of Jaebom’s life in Seattle has been revealed, and these are the accounts.


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Infinite Challenge || Jaebom’s unedited part

After Jaebom’s myspace saga, it’s time for some positive news. Fans actually love the idea that MBC didn’t edit out Jaebom’s part on Infinite Challenge as it was aired last October 24th. Sigh. More positive news please!


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Park Jaebom || MAMA Invitation?

2PM fans, this might just be  breather for all of us. Crossing our fingers that there is Jaebom after the storm. MAMA Producers have released the statement that they want to invite Park Jaebom on the next awards show this year. Details inside.


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2009 College Student Survey || 2PM is their Choice

College students across Korea had voted in a survey this year, and 2pm emerged and chosen as the best singer.

2PM (2)

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Rain’s Concert || SS501 & 2PM in appearance

Two of Korea’s hotttest male idol groups will get together in support of their Senior Rain’s Concert. Hottest and SS501 fans, this is the concert for you. 😉


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Dream Concert & The Absences

As always the ever controversial Dream Concert has made hype even before it’s airing. Why? Well, the numerous absentees from their top idols fo course. Not mentioning, TVXQ’s confirmed absence to the event.

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