Invincible Youth Premieres

October 23 was the date whhen Invincible Youth premieres, and it has already garnered superb ratings. Thanks to this ” Girl Power” Theory they are raunching on. 😉


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Kpop Trends || Special Project CF Stars

After the success of Bigbang and 2NE1’s collaboration for LG, also including another dream girl collaboration from Amoled featuring After School and Son Dambi. Now, two different project groups had been formed by Korea’s leading mobile companies.  It’s a trend, can’t you see? More and more CF stars points toward them Kpop Idols – and yet the trend of making a project group out of the ad is rising. 😉

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KBSTV || Invincible Youth

Ever heard of the Simple Life? Well Korean Viewers, prepare for its Korean Version in your screens this month. This time, taking in 7 members of different girlgroups in order to boost credits up.


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Samsung’s ” Dream Team”

It’s confirmed. UEE, Gain, Hyuna & Seungyeon did come together to form a project group as part of Samsung’s new campaign. They are said to be the new ‘Dream Team’ as aces of each girl has been selected to take the part.


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Today’s Music Core with the following Highlights:


  • Baek Jiyoung and Taecyeon’s goodbye stage.
  • Comeback stages by Tei and Lee Seunggi.

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4 Minute is “Hot Issue”

With their debut album about to be out, 4 Minute graces the Hot Issue once again:


  • After their songs leaking out online, KBS holds firm in banning one of their songs. Causing major halt in their album release.
  • Meanwhile, new hot photos of their album concept has just been released.

Open this post for more.

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Online Poll: Best Girl Group Rapper



DC Inside has yet released another poll on the best rapper among the girl groups. Who do you think came up first? I will post the two obvious choices as a teaser, open this post for the actual results.

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SOOMPI CHARTS || August 2009 Week 04


Credits to SOOMPI
by: edward1849
  • Brown Eyed Girls topples 2NE1 with their 3-week reign with Abracadabra.
  • Mighty Mouth’s current release is one of the biggest moves this week.
  • Battle of the girl groups continues to reign as they fill most of the spot on the Top 10.

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KPOP Year End 2009 || Debuts & Comebacks

If the past few months weren’t enough for the Kpop Scene, you gotta watch out for the last few parts of this year. If girl groups weren’t enough for you, more debuts and comebacks are coming back our way from September to December. If you’re still hoping for a BIGBANG/TVXQ COMEBACK, it’s not going to work. 😉


See full list inside. 😉

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GIRL GROUPS: The Golden Age

Wow. Another big summary/article of the girl groups golden age in Kpop this year. Thank you to THE KOREA HERALD for this fantastic post. All explaining a brief rundown of what has been happening in the world of Kpop, specifically the rise of the budding girl groups. 😉

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