Daesung || Rejoins Family Outing!

Kang Daesung, Bigbang Member and resident Family Outing Member is back and kicking for his activities. He has resumed for the first time all the activities he left off following his accident.

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Daesung || To Return FO Filming

This is one good news after Daesung’s incidents almost a month ago.  A statement has been released announcing that Daesung will now return filming witb Family Outing Cast members in Jeju.


More inside. 😉

Translated by Sookyeong at Kbites.

A representative of Family Outing said in phone interview on 14th September, “Daesungie will be participating in the filming of Family Outing on 21st and 22nd September in JeJu Island.”

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that he will not be participating with Big Bang for their appearance performance for 2009 Asian Song Festival on 19th September in Seoul World Cup Stadium. Only 4 members from Big Bang will be participating for the song festival.


Daesung has already been discharged from the hospital, ahead of schedule! The storm is over and let just all hope for the best of Daesung’s Recovery.


YG Entertainment stated to Newsen:

“Daesung was discharged this morning. The surgery was a success, however he must still recover. Daesung should not move his back, therefore he will not be coming back for activities as of now.” Credits to Allkpop

FAMILY OUTING UPDATE! Kim Hyun Joong & Seungri Fan Pics


Finally, even if the episode isn’t due yet on September – some fancams gave us the delight in showing us how filming went when SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong graced the set of family outing, together with Bigbang’s Maknae Seungri who filled in as a replacement for Daesung.


It said to be that:

  • Hyun Joong helps out with Hyori for some breakfast?
  • And Maknae Seungri helps out with the marketing together with Jaesuk and Jongshin.

Credits to Allkpop.
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YG BEANS 082609 || Gdragon’s Comeback, Daesung’s Discharge, 2NE1’s Event

On today’s YG Beans, August 26, 2009 we have:


  • The announcement of GDRAGON’S Official Stage performance after being postponed followed by a former president’s death. The date to watch is AUGUST 30, in SBS Inkigayo. It is also said that he will be using the same strategy as 2NE1 to minimize all broadcast as possible. So expect one show per week. 😉
  • Another good beans! Daesung is to be discharged from the hospital on August 28 after recuperating from his car accident and numerous operations.
  • Another appearance as well, proving star worthy on their influence on music, fashion and current trends – Gdragon and 2NE1 had been invited for the 2009 Global Gathering Korea.

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BIGBANG || Daesung’s Replacement & GD’s Album Errors

Bigbang bringing some good love and more news…


  • Seungri will be Daesung’s replacement in Family Outing.
    Another member helping out fill the roles of one fellow before a contract, and mainly because our dear maknae also wants the attention on a wider circle. If you have seen Intimate Note, you would see Seungri jealous of Daesung’s wide celeb circle – and him being straightforward is well admired. You go little one. 😉
  • On the other hand, fans and most likely international ones are so eager to spot on some typos over GDragon’s newly released album. If it this is more of a hint, the album is already out – signed and delivered.;)

Open this post for the details.

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All’s well that ends well!

All’s well that ends well post for the Original Kpop Bean.
Random Compilations of a bunch of good news in the Kpop Scene:


  • Daesung’s all well and soon to be discharged.
  • JYP releases a statement of the ‘littering’ allegations.
  • Sony ATV also releases their statement for Gdragon’s copyright issues.

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BIGBANG || GD and the MV’s | Seungri’s Letter | Anniversary Message | NII & Goodies

August 20, 2009


  • Gdragon’s list of upcoming music videos revealed.
  • Seungri writes to the fans, translated.
  • Bigbang’s Anniversary Message!
  • BONUS! Scans from NII Photoshoots and Bigbang Goodies. 😉

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YG BEANS 082009 || Bashing fans (Daesung, GD, 2NE1) | 2NE1 New Face for Female Idols


On today’s YG post, we have the following topics:

  • BASHING FANS! Really, they can be over the top at times. Not only bashing Mnet (GD & 2NE1) for some live censorship but also Daesung – even though he can’t be bothered by other stressors after such surgery.
  • 2ne1 the new face of idol girl groups. 😉

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YG BEANS: Bigbang’s Japan Concert Postponed | 2NE1 tops Summer tunes || Daesung’s Health Update

August 18, 2009


  • Bigbang postpones Japan Concert due to Daesung’s sustained Injury.
  • 2NE1 tops best summer YG Tune.
  • Daesung’s updates and operations.

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