Everything Lee Minho!

Everything Lee Minho and More! Can’t have enough of this lovely fella lately? So am I. Here are the beans:


  • Behind the Scenes filming of Dara and Minho’s Cass2X Beer Cf.
  • Update on Mischievous Kiss aka It Started with a Kiss Korean Version.
    Netizens have been rooting for Lee Minho to take the part, with Goo Hyesun/Kim So Eun running for Kotoko’s Part. However, Bumsso fans also wants the Kimbum and So Eun tandem back. Which is quite possible because the rest of the F4 boys are also tailing behind for the part.

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LEE MINHO FANS || Scam Victims

Another fan meeting. Another scam.


Star of Boys Over Flowers, Lee Minho has recently been a victim of a fan meeting scam.  It was announced in one Thai Site saying that Lee Minho will have a fan meeting, posting its exact date and location. Also assuring the ticket holders of some fan games, movie and songs.

This website and announcement however were denied by Lee Minho’s Agencies, proving to be false.
I just hope the organizers of this one be abolished, may karma hit you in the face. 😉

More Inside.

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Story of our Flowers Scans

Story of our Flowers is yet another Special F4 Photobook that has gained many pre-orders, especially in Japan. Preorders have already gone up to Number 1 even if it will be released on September 5.


Featuring: Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Minho, Kim Bum and Kim Joon.

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Lee Minho’s Best Friend?



On the broadcast of “Happy Together Season 3″ aired on August 20th, JungIlWoo stated,

LeeMinHoand I meet up once a week at least… and we see each other most of the times together around DaeBangDong where we live around.”

LeeMinHo, our one and only GuJunPyo, best friends with our one and only high kick star JungIlWoo? You gotta admit how it would feel to have such hot guys as friends.

JungIlWooexplained on further by saying “Since we were little, MinHo was famous because he was good looking.” And he also made the crowd laugh when he said, “Before when I was with MinHo, fans asked for my sign first, but now days, the fans ask for MinHo’s sign first.”

Article Credits: Kbites


F4 || The Barista & The Boxer

F4 || The Barista & The Boxer



These new updates made me happy, FREE COFFEE FOR ME PLEASE! I would surely want you as my Barista.

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Kim Bum: Korean Drama Festival Ambassador

Actors Kim Bum and Yoon Sang Hyun were appointed ambassadors for the Korean Drama Festival.


During the event Kim Bum is attending on October 12th, named “Asia Stars’ Night – Boys Over Flowers Special”, he will introduce memorable scenes from “Boys Over Flowers” with his drama partner Kim So Eun (as Chu Ga Eul). There are also plans to include the main cast from the Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese remakes of “Boys Over Flowers”.


(Source Naver, Asia Today
Translation credit: bumsso blog)

Story of Four Flowers Photobook to be Released

Just when you thought you won’t be hearing about it, at least not so soon. It was revealed today that a Boys Over Flowers photo book will soon be released in Korea and Japan, to further cash in on the popularity of the drama which created a storm earlier in the year.


The photo book which is titled Story of Four Flowers (SOFF), captures the F4 members of Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum and Kim Joon at their charming best, with pre-orders beginning on 17th August. Even though the publisher are only taking in pre-orders at the moment for the 168 pages photo book, the response have been very encouraging. It was revealed that fans who buy the photo book will be able to see the F4 members, together with the natural beautiful scenery of Korea as the backdrop, showcasing a different charisma from their drama characters. There will also be a DVD included which contains private
movie clips.

Article Credits: Daily Kpop News