FT ISLAND || “Double Date” Album Jacket

FT ISLAND || “Double Date” Album Jacket Photos


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FT TRIPLE || ” Love Letter” MV

FT ISLAND’s subgroup — FT TRIPLE had released their official music video today. The same music video that got them stranded in the Philippines after Typhoon Ketsanna hailed by. Nonetheless, it’s this good news that matters.


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CHUSEOK || More Star Pictures

HAPPY CHUSEOK EVERYONE! More and More celebrities are donning their Traditional Clothes and posing for festive’s sake. Do celebrate with your family as these stars celebrates with you. 😉


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FT ISLAND || Stranded in the Philippines?!

FT ISLAND is in Filipino Shores, dear Primadonnas. It was said to be that the boys had a planned filming for their next music video, in my homeland! And I didn’t know about it! Unfortunately, they got stranded after the recent Typhoon Ondang/Ketsanna had attacked the Metro Region. Nonetheless, after communication black out – the boys and their managers have contacted and are safe.


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Heart, get ready to be broken. Mnet Scandal has resumed to their hobby of breaking fan girls’ hearts, but fulfilling every idols’ dream to date without remorse. Next on the issue is Ft Island’s Choi Jong Hoon whose pictures are now released and some videos. What made these scandalous though was the fact that everyone thought it had too much skinship. Who can blame the guy? Those hormones are well-suppressed, he might as well get ahead with it.


Too much skinship or overjealous fans?
You decide.

More inside… ;(

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Wanna be Hongki’s Girl?

FT ISLAND’s Hongki recently revealed his ideals in a girl, after being asked in his recent appearance in MBC World Changing Quiz.


If you love Hongki so much that you wanna be his girl, open this post.

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FT ISLAND HONGKI || Musical, Drama & More Kisses

It’s definitely FT Island’s Hongki’s time to shine this year. After starring in a musical, he is also set to make a new drama project.  However, this might just be some good news and bad news to some. Prepared?


  • Hongki’s Midsummer’s Night Makeover. From Orange to Blonde.
    From FT Island Idol to Ladies Man.  If you guys remembering the practice kiss he had with his fellow actress in my previous post, then prepare for more mouth action. Hardcore Fangirls, it’s all up to you if you wanna see it inside this post.
  • Rumors to be in a new band? Dumped. Just pictures of him and new band for his new drama project only. Due to be aired on October 7th.

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