Prints & Photoshoots (102709) || F(X) for K-Swiss

Prints & Photoshoots (102709) || F(X) for K-Swiss


Just new in the scene, F(X) bags an endorsement conquest.  😉

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SNSD & F(X) || “Chocolate Love” Auction

It first started off with 2PM’s Jaebom, now SNSD and f(x) are auctioning off their ” Chocolate Love” outfits.
For a good cause! 😉


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Prints & Photoshoots III (101909) || F(X) rockin’ on Elle Girl

Prints & Photoshoots III (101909) || F(X) rockin’ on Elle Girl


Finally, a rocking concept for Kpop’s newest gals. And Elle Girl has the name to create these prints. Is it just me, or the stills look so saturated? More inside. 😉

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F(X) || Runway Models?

F(X) rules the runway!


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Kpop Trends || Special Project CF Stars

After the success of Bigbang and 2NE1’s collaboration for LG, also including another dream girl collaboration from Amoled featuring After School and Son Dambi. Now, two different project groups had been formed by Korea’s leading mobile companies.  It’s a trend, can’t you see? More and more CF stars points toward them Kpop Idols – and yet the trend of making a project group out of the ad is rising. 😉

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F(X) Luna || Feat in Shinee’s Album

F(X) Member to have a song collaboration on Shinee’s latest album, to be released on October 19th.


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KPOP || Comebacks & Collaborations

KPOP || Comebacks & Collaborations
October 08, 2009


October has arrived! Not only is this a debut month for the many rookies, but also the comebacks of some veteran idols.

  • Taeyang released comeback photos for his 2nd solo album.
  • SNSD and F(X) Team up for some ‘Chocolate Love’.
  • Shinee, reportedly to be returning with a Mini Album as well. 😉

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