CHUSEOK || Stars in Hanboks

Stars share their wishes and respects for Korea’s Chuseok. Basically, Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving celebrate for three days where everyone returns to their hometown and celebrate it with their families. For stars and fans however, Chuseok is a different thing and while they are at it – they show us how to be festive and respectful after donning some traditional clothing.


Quoted from Allkpop: Chuseok, a major three-day harvest festival and holiday celebrated in the autumn every eighth months of the lunar calendar by Koreans in Korea and the world.

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The Power of Jung Yunho! Evisu Campaign & HTTG

Everybody is now banking (talk about profits/savings) towards Jung Yunho! He’s a mighty commodity lately, judging on the call of fanhood – he can succeed in music, endorsements and even dramas.


  • It was said to be that Heading to the Ground producers have saved money just for hiring extras. Why? Jung Yunho’s fans are just so up to date and loving that they show up to the announced venues for free.
  • Meanwhile, Evisu are also banking on Yunho’s pull to the fans and media as they launched a new campaign towards hope.

Mighty Mighty Leader, don’t ya think?

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JUNG YUNHO || PD’s Encounter

A cute article from Allkpop got me smiling. It’s just one of those random encounters, put on to the press’s interest. A PD from the drama, Heading to the Ground randomly talked to Jung Yunho, not realizing who he really was. Simple matters, he was confused of the new given name and just understood the boys’ hardship.


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TVXQ UPDATE: Jung Yunho speaks

Another TVXQ Update, this time the leader speaks.
Jung Yunho speaks of the members and the trouble on their press conference.


Credits to Allkpop.

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JUNG YUNHO || Heading to the Ground Pics & Filming



  • Open this post for more Heading to the Ground Yunho Released Pics and his sentiments for being a budding actor, yet again.
  • Meanwhile, cheers for all the fans in Korea as they get to be part of a public filming. Details on how to join and what to wear and do inside this post. 😉

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