JYPE || Statements on Jaebom’s “marketing”

JYPE has released a statement expressing a wish to end marketing “exagerrated” tactics to promote, and using Jaebom as their medium. As far as his popularity is concerned, he is already being a target of advertisements and random teases.


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2PM || Still, 6 members with unsure plans

Another JYP Released statement for 2PM’s plans.
Still firm for them to perform as 6 members, but album dates and all are still unsure. The original release date before the incident was October if I’m not mistaken.

2PM (3)

Isn’t it ironic,the time came for 2PM to rule the Kpop Scene and now their management is saying that they are unsure.
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Hottests show some JYP Love

Instead of fighting against JYP, Hottest have now shown their support with JYP – in considerable despair to bring 2PM’s leader back. On yesterday’s Music Bank episode, another banner has been raised by the fans – but this time in support with JYP.




Prints & Photoshoots (092609) || 2AM, Wonder Girls

JYP FANATICOS are in for a treat as some of their favorite talents are on the spreads lately.


  • 2AM taking the spotlight from their vocals to their abs with their scans from Men’s Health Magazine. This is for the October Issue, in which sizzling Changmin graces the cover. 😉
  • WONDER GIRLS are back in pictures as W Prints were released. This is also for the October Issue of Korea’s W Magazine.

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Jaebom finally speaks up?

It has been reported that Jaebom apparently left messages in their official cafe, saying not to make it harder for 2PM. After such spazz, everyone went loco when they find out that the local IP Address was in Korea?


Plus, Wooyoung speaks out his frustrations. ;(

Credits to Kbites.

On 21st September, at about 6pm, JaeBum posted a message on ‘Hottest’ with the title ‘Everyone…’.

In the message he wrote, “There is a reason to why I left. Because I was like a family to JinYoung hyung and 2PM boys. When I was having a tough time, they were by my side. Already it is very tiring, so please do not make it hard for them. So sorry for making everyone worried.”


  • “Is that really Park JaeBum”.
  • “How can someone who is in America have an IP address of that of a local Korean?”,
  • “Is this not written by JYP themselves?”,
  • “Is it possible that he leaves a message at this time when there is a 16 hour time difference between Seattle and Korea?”

Weird twist of events right? But it has been confirmed by JYPE that Jaebom has been updating the issue in Seattle, and was the one who wrote the reply.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung Speaks up.


He wrote the post on 22nd September at 3.59pm.

It’s so frustrating
Why is it that our fans do not understand our mind?

Jaebum’s mind
Jin Young hyung’s mind
and our mind

I’m frustrated to death

PARK JAEBOM || Spread the Fight

There has been a lot of online petitions, support and boycotting happening in the JYP atmosphere after announcement of Jay’s departure and 2PM’s legacy as 6 members have appeared.

However, there has been silent protests online and one fanbook account made a difference.
They say, he’s a friend of Jay’s and here are some of his/her messages online – that needs to be supported by the fans.


Read if you care. 😉

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Hottests || 2PM as 7 Members – Not 6.

Amidst JYPE’S recent decision, fanclub members requests for another one – the final one. As they want 2PM back, and 6PM out of the question. They have labelled the rest of the members 6PM as JYPE had announced the idea that 2PM will continue as 6 members.


Take a brief take on different fanclubs protesting for 2PM.
Both Jaebom and the boys.

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2PM || To Continue as 6, Wooyoung’s Cyworld Entry

Finally! JYPE had said something in this case.

2PM (3)

But apparently, it’s bad news. 2PM will continue without JAEBOM.
They finally had the courage to post a statement in their homepage and its says that they are to continue the band with just 6 members.  Jaebom had his standing point in leaving, but JYP also has his. Read the statement for some mature professionalism.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung speaks out or better yet- leaves a hidden message in his Cyworld.

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Park Jaebom || Koreans’ lack of understanding + Return?

An article from Korea Times released an article on how 2PM’s case depicts the lack of understand amongst Korean netiznes. Also giving summary of what it’s like to be of native descent in a westernized country, all in defense of Park Jaebom and all other Koreans having the same problem as him.


Meanwhile, JYP has released a statement Jaebom’s “return” to Korea.

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Hottests, Protests!

After the departure of 2PM leader Park Jaebom, the hottest has pulled together a fan protest in front of the JYP Building. It’s only a silent one, but their massive number got the traffics’ block.


Open for more. 😉

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