Park Jaebom || JYP Meeting?

It’s true. Park Jaebom and JYP did meet for sit down dinner together in Seattle as confirmed by a JYPE Representative. No news of what they had talked to were revealed.


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RANDOM KPOP BEANS 090409: GooHyesun, f(x), JYP

Random Artists for your pleasure.


  • After releasing an album, Goo Hyesun talks about her music, album and future creative ventures.
  • If you were one of those fans who got a little so-so on f(x)’s La Chata, then an audio of their Mr. Boogie has been released for your benefit.
  • Meanwhile, JYP and yet another tweet. This time having some little deets on 2PM’s album.

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Kpop Tweets 090109 || Epik High & JYP

Kpop Tweets 090109


Not a big fan of me2day are they? Nonetheless these two top celebrities/producers have announced some important stuff on their twitter accounts causing fans ( like me) to spazz:

  • Epik High to release their 6th Album on SEPTEMBER 16, 2009.
    Ehem. Ehem. FYI: That is on my birthday! Yey! 😉
  • JYP will finally send his talents to Singapore? Find out how and why.

For the tweets, open this.

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Prints & Photoshoots || Nichkhun, SNSD

In this prints & photoshoot page, you’ll find:


  • Nichkhun’s photos from L’uomo Spread and how he bribes JYP.
  • SNSD’s Nylon photos.

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All’s well that ends well!

All’s well that ends well post for the Original Kpop Bean.
Random Compilations of a bunch of good news in the Kpop Scene:


  • Daesung’s all well and soon to be discharged.
  • JYP releases a statement of the ‘littering’ allegations.
  • Sony ATV also releases their statement for Gdragon’s copyright issues.

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Hottest & Influential Beans 081909: 2PM’s Album Announcement || Influential Koreans

The group best known as ‘Beastly Idols’ 2PM, who has always given powerful performances, will make comeback in autumn.


One of the members of JYP revealed ‘2PM will be coming back in the middle of October with a new album. They will come back with a more explosive performance and also with their great charisma’. The hit single that was released in April ‘Again and Again’ ‘I Hate You’ will be followed by another great album. Recently the ‘Beastly Idols’ Have appeared in many variety shows to show their quailty and entertaining personalities which has recieved alot of love from fans.

Producer Park Jin Young has caught a lot of attention of from curious fans of how he will change the style of music. Recently on twitter JYP said ‘I made da 1st song for 2pm. It’s a totally new style of music. I don’t even know what style it is. It’s so crazy!’ hew showed great enthusiasm towards the new song. Also the recent news that he was also doing the choreography.

Credits: Kbites +[♥2pm♥@2ONEDAY.COM]

A survey was done on 1000 people from 29th July till 12th August on 10 different categories of people for ‘Who are the people who moved Korea? (or influence Korea)’.


In order of amount of votes:

  1. Rain (19.9%)
  2. Yoo JaeSeok (15.2%)
  3. Kang Ho Dong (12.6%)
  4. Bae YongJoon (10.5%)
  5. Actor Ahn SeongGi (9.8%)
  6. So Nyeo Shi Dae (6.6%)

Credits: Kbites

Random Idol Bean 081809: 2PM Being Punished? || 4Minute Jiyoon looses the shades



Producer cum singer Park Jin Young is back in Korea, and he is working on group 2PM’s upcoming single album. He posted up photos of the recording session on his twitter account earlier today.

And he said in the first photo featuring members Nich Khun and WooYoung being punished on the floor by him in the recording room,

“Back in Korea to record with 2pm. This dosen’t look good right?”. He then twittered again a new photo of him and the 2PM boys smiling together saying, “That’s was before da session and this is after da session.”

Netizens’ responses were:

  • Punishment? Haha. Get back to work boys!”
  • “Haha! Awww what did they do?”
  • “awww so cool to see a 2pm+JYP picture!
  • And Omg khun’s with a new haircut! Really looks like you guys are having fun!”

Article Credit to KBites



4Minute JiYoon takes off her sunglasses. This was for 4Minute upcoming 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’ set to be released on 20th August on and offline. The album is set to be an album showing off the girls’ strong passion for music.The album is set to be released on 20th August.


Article Credit to KBites