KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?

KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?


More and more online surveys are appearing, and this time idol groups are in the spotlight as Office Workers Favorite Group. Who topped the survey? Number one is the picture above. Open this post for the rest of the results.

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Invincible Youth Premieres

October 23 was the date whhen Invincible Youth premieres, and it has already garnered superb ratings. Thanks to this ” Girl Power” Theory they are raunching on. 😉


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Kpop Trends || Special Project CF Stars

After the success of Bigbang and 2NE1’s collaboration for LG, also including another dream girl collaboration from Amoled featuring After School and Son Dambi. Now, two different project groups had been formed by Korea’s leading mobile companies.  It’s a trend, can’t you see? More and more CF stars points toward them Kpop Idols – and yet the trend of making a project group out of the ad is rising. 😉

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KARA || Goo Hara is Pitching

Kara’s Goo Hara had her turn to pitch in for the game today. She’s the 3rd member from Kara to have her pitching debut this year, lol. 😉


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KBSTV || Invincible Youth

Ever heard of the Simple Life? Well Korean Viewers, prepare for its Korean Version in your screens this month. This time, taking in 7 members of different girlgroups in order to boost credits up.


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Prints & Photoshoots II (100309) || KARA & Their CF’s

Prints & Photoshoots II (100309) || KARA & Their CF’s


Why do these girls get to have one post? Because they are everywhere! Plus, two sets of photos from different commercials they are currently endorsing. Nice to be hardworking, eh?

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MBC Chuseok Special || ” Star Dance Battle Change “

TV Broadcasting stations has it all going to the top ratings as MBC decided to have a Chuseok Special entitled Star Dance Battle Change. In which your favorite idols, performs or transforms into another Kpop Entity. 😉


Nice. More Inside.

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