Invincible Youth Premieres

October 23 was the date whhen Invincible Youth premieres, and it has already garnered superb ratings. Thanks to this ” Girl Power” Theory they are raunching on. 😉


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KBSTV || Invincible Youth

Ever heard of the Simple Life? Well Korean Viewers, prepare for its Korean Version in your screens this month. This time, taking in 7 members of different girlgroups in order to boost credits up.


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Gdragon and another controversy

On a more lighter beans, Gdragon appeared on Chocolate and took a test that got him a result of being a herbiverous guy. Meaning, they are likeable enough as guys but not ending up as boyfriends. Oh, more like me. They say I’m a good girl-friend, but not enough to be a girlfriend.


Meanwhile, KBS boycotts YG Entertainment after a no-show from Gdragon on one of their radio shows.

Details inside. 😉

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New Show for Super Junior

Another Super Show for our dear Super Juniors. This time Super Junior along with some MC’s will be on a KBS Show entitled – Human Network, Super Junior’s Miracle. It is a show aiming to bring a message of hope to teenagers with different and difficult life situations, and providing them the best effort and mentor to achieve their dreams.


Original Artice Inside this post.

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Fans shows some love : ” I Believe in TVXQ ”

” I believe in TVXQ!”
Random Message in support of TVXQ on a broadcasting station draws a lot of attention.


The message supporting TVXQ, the group currently in a dispute with their agency SME, has drawn a lot of attention.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Live Music Bank’ that aired on August 28th, the message appeared after 1st place nominee Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)’s stage and when only the title of first place was left to be announced.

When the camera that was filming the stage began filming the audience, one audience member held up a placard that read, ‘I believe in TVXQ’. This message was shot by the camera for two seconds and garnered a lot of attention.

This message drew more attention as TVXQ is currently in a dispute with their agency, SME, regarding their exclusive contract. Also, TVXQ fans submitted a petition that had 121,073 signatures to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the same day on August 28th.

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KBS Music Bank 082809

Highlights of today’s KBS MUSIC BANK:
(Is it just me or KBS is overthrown by MNET’s 20’s Award for today?)


  • Not even set with his solo debut, GDRAGON already rakes in the Number 1 with HeartBreaker!
  • Comeback stages by Jewelry, Hwang bo and Baek Jiyoung.

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4 MINUTE BEANS || KBS Banning & New Release

Girl groups today are just solely making a name of themselves as I compiled one artist into one beans’ post, newbie group 4 minute has a lot of hype to count on ever since debut and amidst praises with their new release, something else came up.


  • KBS has banned 4 Minute after finding some inappropriate lyrics off their new track.
  • To keep from bad news coming our way, 4 minute continues the release (August 31) and shows us how ‘Muzic’ should be spelled. Lol.

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2NE1’s Entertainer is…?

Open this post to find out who’s who in the 2NE1 household.


One tv episode recently visited the site of 2NE1’s commercial shot and the girls share stories of their lives and the topic of the broken KBS Trophy. Which in the end led to the discussion on who’s the best entertainer, cook, etc of the group. Continue reading

Official Releases: SNSD’s Hello Baby | 2PM for Cosmopolitan | T-ara’s New Concept Photos


In this OFFICIAL RELEASE POST, you’ll find:
(August 19, 2009)

  • SNSD’s Hello Baby Official Photos
  • 2PM for Cosmopolitan Photoshoot
  • T-ARA’s new fresh concept.

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Andy || Most Ideal Husband

Actor/singer Andy (real name Lee Seon-ho, 28) has been picked as the ideal husband in Thailand, said his agency, TOP Media, on August 12.


Andy’s popularity rose after he appeared as a virtual husband of singer Solbi on the MBC TV show “Sunday Night – We Got Married.” On August 9, he participated in the taping of the famous Thai talk show “Speak Out,” which airs on the cable channel True Vision Network. The channel has been airing “We Got Married” these days and the show has become a big hit in Thailand. At the taping, the production team announced the results of a viewer vote, which showed that Andy was picked as the “best husband” and that he and his virtual wife Solbi made the “best couple.”

Actress Top, who hosted the show, said that she thought of Andy as a “cute guy” when she watched “We Got Married” but found him to be very stylish when she saw him in person. She also credited him for his humble and polite personality. After the taping, she told Andy’s fans in the audience that she had also become Andy’s fan and even asked them to give her the Web site address of his Thai fan club.

At his fan meeting on August 8 at Siam Paragon in Bangkok, Andy performed his hit songs “Love Song” and “Propose.” The meeting was attended by the singer’s fans from Thailand, China, Japan, Malaysia as well as Mexico, Australia and the U.S.

A person from Andy’s agency said more than 300 journalists from some 100 media outlets had covered Andy’s news conference and that various shows featuring Andy, such as “X Man” and “Love Letter,” were very popular in Thailand.

Andy is currently appearing in the SBS TV series “Two Wives” and preparing his second solo album.

Article Credits: KBS Global