Kim Bum || The Singer

Kim Bum who has recently shocked his fans with his transformation for his new movie role, will also keep us guessing – for he will be debuting as a Singer in Japan.


Open this post for the details and his schedule.
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London & Kim Bum

Jealous. The only time that I am not present in London and Kim Bum arrived. Better yet, here are some pictures of his trip to London.


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Kim Bum says Hello to London

What is it with boys frequently visiting London? This isn’t the first time this year and I’m happy. And I’m not complaining at all! Better yet alert all systems that Kim Bum will be in London. Bummer. I’m not there as of the moment, but my sister will be on the look out. If it ain’t that obvious, Kim Bum has flown to London!


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Kim Bum’s new look!

Cornrows + Kim Bum. Never quite the calculation, right? But for the sake of his new movie, Kim Bum has transformed himself into some tough role. Hair retouches included. 😉


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This was the reason why Kim Bum visited the Philippines, and he is back with the commercial. Together with local actress Maja Salvador, Kim Bum graces your local television for some RC Cola loving. 😉


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Prints & Photoshoots (101109) || Kim Bum for Spris

Prints & Photoshoots (101109) || Kim Bum for Spris


The title says it all ladies, more headshots and full shots of our favorite boy endorsing for Spris. 😉 Continue reading

KIM BUM || What he thinks of Maja?

Kim Bum is on his last day visit to the Philippines after filming a CF for RC Cola, together with local actress – Maja Salvador. And in the attempt to gain public attention, a tactic has to be made. He says, Maja is pretty. But of course, the media blew it out of proportions. Try watching the local news, you’ll know.


Nonetheless, it’s understandable. Just recently, ABS-CBN grabbed the rights to his Korean Drama “Dream” – Hence the ‘good’ publicity. 😉
Details inside. 😉

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