CHUSEOK || More Star Pictures

HAPPY CHUSEOK EVERYONE! More and More celebrities are donning their Traditional Clothes and posing for festive’s sake. Do celebrate with your family as these stars celebrates with you. 😉


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Everything Lee Minho!

Everything Lee Minho and More! Can’t have enough of this lovely fella lately? So am I. Here are the beans:


  • Behind the Scenes filming of Dara and Minho’s Cass2X Beer Cf.
  • Update on Mischievous Kiss aka It Started with a Kiss Korean Version.
    Netizens have been rooting for Lee Minho to take the part, with Goo Hyesun/Kim So Eun running for Kotoko’s Part. However, Bumsso fans also wants the Kimbum and So Eun tandem back. Which is quite possible because the rest of the F4 boys are also tailing behind for the part.

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Prints & Photoshoots: 2AM, Kim So Eun, Shinee

Prints & Photoshoot  compilation, brings you:


  • 2AM’s recent cover for oh-lala sexy MAXIM.
  • More Pictures of Kim So Eun’s Elle Girl September Issue
  • More Pictures of Shinee and Kim So Eun for Cl.ride

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KIM SO EUN || To join in BOF Japan Promotions

Kim So Eun to finally be able to join the cast of Boys Over Flowers for their 2 Day Japan Promotions. I think it’s about this time this simple lady be back to her infamous role once again, together with her co-stars.


The promotions will go on for two days, September 5th and 6th at the Yokohama National University Hall. Artists such as T-Max, Howl, Im Ju Hwan, and of course SS501 are expected to perform on stage. Not only will Kim So Eun get to make an appearance this time, but it has been reported that she will be making a stage performance as well. Lee Min Ho is also expected to show up on the 5th while Kim Bum and Goo Hye Sun will join the rest of the cast on the 6th.

credit: hankooki

Soeul Updates: Signing & Interview

Or whatever their pairing name is today, lol. 😉


  • Kim So Eun, It’s only the start even if her current drama has ended.
  • Kim Bum signing pictures to be released.

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CLRIDE.N PHOTOS: Shinee & Kim So Eun

Open this post for the newly released CLride.n Photos,
Featuring Shinee and Kim So Eun.

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Kim Bum: Korean Drama Festival Ambassador

Actors Kim Bum and Yoon Sang Hyun were appointed ambassadors for the Korean Drama Festival.


During the event Kim Bum is attending on October 12th, named “Asia Stars’ Night – Boys Over Flowers Special”, he will introduce memorable scenes from “Boys Over Flowers” with his drama partner Kim So Eun (as Chu Ga Eul). There are also plans to include the main cast from the Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese remakes of “Boys Over Flowers”.


(Source Naver, Asia Today
Translation credit: bumsso blog)