Lee Minho || Japan Fan Meeting

Lee Minho all set to go for his first fan meeting in Japan this coming November 26. Also inside this post isΒ  his schedule and activities for a little self-promotion. πŸ˜‰


Note to the Japanese fans: LOTS OF PICTURES PLEASE. πŸ˜‰
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PRINTS & PHOTOSHOOTS (110409) || Lee Minho for Trugen Winter Wear

PRINTS & PHOTOSHOOTS (110409) || Lee Minho for Trugen Winter Wear


Lee Minho is back to warm your Fall & Winter Nights, with his photoshoot for Trugen. As he paraded along Trugen’s Winter Wear Collection of 2009. From casual, cute and even to formal — our Flower Boy Leader sure fills the spot. πŸ˜‰

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Lee Minho’s Asian Escapade

Well, for one — I actually thought he was only going to do an Etude Event in Singapore. I didn’t realize he was travelling to two more other countries with this campaign. Woah, he’s actually big judging from what happened in Singapore. Nonetheless, our F4 boys are big stars indeed. πŸ˜‰

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Lee Minho & His Singapore Trip

Finally, Lee Minho pushed through with his Singapore trip – but in “hectic” style I say. This is living proof of how popular you are, when one solo event gets everyone crazy.


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Style Icon Awards for 2009

The year is ending, and time for those year awards that artists just love to brag about. Organized by O’live tv, the second edition of the Style Icon Awards will be held on 11th November where the top trend setters in 2009 from the cultural, artistic and social spectrums of life are handed awards.


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Korean Poll –> CF Kings & Queens?

The Korean Viewers have seen and voted.
Who’s the CF King and Queen this year?


This picture might be the clue. πŸ˜‰

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CHUSEOK || Stars in Hanboks

Stars share their wishes and respects for Korea’s Chuseok. Basically, Chuseok is Korean Thanksgiving celebrate for three days where everyone returns to their hometown and celebrate it with their families. For stars and fans however, Chuseok is a different thing and while they are at it – they show us how to be festive and respectful after donning some traditional clothing.


Quoted from Allkpop: Chuseok, a major three-day harvest festival and holiday celebrated in the autumn every eighth months of the lunar calendar by Koreans in Korea and the world.

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Lee Minho || Fan Meeting Ticket = Sold Out?

Lee Minho’s ticket for a fanmeeting in Japan…sold out in an hour. And not only that, amidst it being closed for sale already – more and more are asking for tickets.

lee minho

Tsktsk, the power of Lee Minho….

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Lee Minho & His Lovely Fans

This where fanhood is put to great deed plus publicity, right? Apparently, Lee Minho’s fans have donated a worthy amount to a UNICEF Campaign against Malaria.Β  All of this has started after Lee Minho started to raise awareness on the campaign, and the fans followed – by monetary means.


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Update! Lee Minho’s Singapore Trip

Some good and bad beans for Lee Minho’s Singapore Trip! Bad, because it has been postponed and moved to another date. Good, he’s staying longer than scheduled.


Details inside, credits to Allkpop.

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