SUPER JUNIOR || Lee Teuk’s Message to Eunhyuk + PH Release

SUPER JUNIOR has been on and about in spillyerbeans lately, proving muchh star status amidst the absence of their promotional activities as a group. In today’s post we have.



  • Lee Teuk’s Cyworld Update! This time, brighter and happier! He posted an entry about his friendship with Hyukjae aka Eunhyuk.
  • Are you a FILIPINO ELF? Then this is one good news for you. Universal Records PH has just released that they will be releasing Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry Album End of August/Start of September. Time to be a good fan and buy the original, okay? Let’s head off to the music stores now. LOL.

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CYWORLD || Lee Teuk’s Depressing Saga & Donghae’s Fab Updates

August 22,2009


  • Lee Teuk‘s Depressing Saga continues on a lighter tone today, thank goodness.
  • Donghae changed his minihompy and sidebar. Plus, he posted some lovely pictures.
    Looks like the boys had fun with their little vacation.

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SUJU BEANS: Super Show’s Press Release || Updates (LeeTeuk, Shindong, Heechul)

A lot of Beans for Super Junior Today, phew!
Open this post for full details.
Taken from Daily Kpop News


  • Lee Teuk pays respect to Former President Kim DaeJung
  • Super Junior’s Super Show Press Release
  • Shindong’s Appearance in ‘Hello Senior’
  • Kim HeeChul’s Pictures for his new show

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Ex-President’s Funeral || Gdragon’s Solo Stage Postponed | Other Idols grieve for his death

After the passing of former South Korean president Kim Dae Jung earlier this week, MBC, KBS and SBS will be airing special programs this week, thereby canceling their respective music shows until Kim’s funeral on August 23. Allkpop.


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SMTOWN 081809: Lee Teuk’s Update || SNSD goes on a date

August 18, 2009

  • Lee Teuk’s Cyworld Sidebar Update… Still stressed or depressed?
  • SNSD goes on a date, with fans. 😉


Open this post to find. 😉

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Lee Teuk Cyworld 081709: Stressed?

After depression took a toll on him, Lee Teuk shares his ‘ Stress‘ all written in English. I really wonder what’s going in their heads, but I’m an awe with them. Comfort the leader fast, ELVES! 😉


Full Entry Inside.

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Updated Hompies: Super Junior

Four Super Junior Members adds love and hype after updating their homepages. Go check it out.
Credits to Daily Kpop News.


..I love you!!..
2009.08.13 02:31


..I love you!!!!……….

..I want to yell that out to only one person..

..To you…

..But who is “you”?….Whew…..There is no one..

..Yunho, I love you.. Changmin, I love you.. Junsu, I love you..

..Jaejoong, I love you.. Yoochun, I love you..

..Donghae, I love you.. Hyukjae, I love you.. Siwon, I love you..

..Ryeowook, I love you.. Kyuhyun, I love you..

..Donghee, I love you.. Jongwoon, I love you.. Hangkyung, I love you..

..Heechul, I love you.. Kibum, I love you..

..Youngwoon, I love you.. Sungmin, I love you..

..Minho, I love you.. Jonghyun, I love you.. Onew, I love you..

..Taemin, I love you.. Kibum, I love you..

..There’s many of you.. so many.. all my dongsaengs.. ^^ I love you guys…. ah, there are friends too ㅋㅋ..

..But besides guys…tacky…tacky..ㅋㅋㅋ they need a little bit of luxury to them…

..SNSD?…… SNSD, I love you!!!♥ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

…..I don’t think they’re luxurious either.. They’re like guys too…ㅡㅡ;;;

..Damn.. is there anyone out there?????????????????????????????

Source; Leeteuk’s Cy
Credit; vanilla.teaa at SJ-WORLD.NET
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2009.08.13 02:20


..Call me..I’m ready to run out at any time..

Source; Leeteuk’s Cy
Credit; vanilla.teaa at SJ-WORLD.NET
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2009.08.13 16:47


When there’s fall…fall..
There’s nothing else…

So, If you ever want something
And you call…
Then I’ll come running..

Source: Eunhyuk’s CY
Taken by


Let’s go on a trip~!
With joyful feelings…

Clear everything away..

At the ocean, everything is swept away..!


I can
Just smile brightly like myself..



from: 이성민 cy
trans: rocket @



One day..

Me, Nassun, Jungmo.. while waiting for Hongsi* who hasn’t ended his schedule

Our dressing is really.. The generation of the reversal of a Fashion Star
My branded indoor shoes.. Slippers.. Hairstyle similar to a brush’s..

HongsiHongsi Hongki finally arrived

Because he had filming, he was the only who was handsomely dressed, then he took out his mobile phone from his pocket

Hong : Hyungs!! Let’s take a photo here for keepsakes!

Me&Nassuni : Oh~ Interesting ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Jungmo : Ah I can’t~ Can’t~ I really can’t today!!

Me : Heol.. You are Oppa Band’s hero? Shut up and take a photo~ㄱㄱ

Jungmo : No, it’s not that;; This way of dressing is too..ㅎㅎ

Nassuni : Yo~ Then go to the salon and get your style done before coming~♬

1, 2, 3

찰칵 (Chalkat**)


Who knew it’d be so blur (-┏)

Anticlockwise from me, Jungmo, Nassuni, Hongsi

N.B* Hongsi means persimmon, and sounds like Hongki.
** The sound of the camera shutter.

Credits; 潇娅Oo嫘∮@SJBluecn
Translated by;
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