2NE1 || Netizens react on Minji’s Fashion

Seriously, them anti’s have nothing decent to do. After watching ‘Entertainment Relay’ which sported 2NE1 on their W Photoshoot, people automatically reacted to Minji’s concept. As a maknae in edgier clothing, negatives ones were posted.


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2NE12day || Dara & Minji’s Poses

Once again, 2NE1 has showed us their quirky/sexy sides after boarding a plane to China. Recording or Vacation? We don’t know, but it’s actually the first time the girls went out of the country together. 😉


The me2days posts where taken September 22, 2009.

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2NE1 || Dara’s Kiss & Minji’s Grandma

It is definitely 2NE1’s day today. What to expect from the girls?


  • Dara’s commercial with Lee Minho reveals a kiss. Driving every fan crazy!
  • Meanwhile, Minji talks about her grandmother.

More inside.

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2NE12DAY 082809 || Dara, Bom & Minji Selca Again.

2NE12DAY 082809


Finally, some me2day update from the girls.
Are they just doing selca’s or plainly fooling around?
LOL at Dara’s Beer Factor Shirt. It’s from Humor Post if I’m not mistaken.

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2NE1 || Dara’s Ex & Minji’s Fashion

2NE1 got news early today and it mainly talks about specific members:


  • And yet another episode of Netizens Overreacting! YG Entertainment has released their statements regarding the Care Bear Pants incident concerning Dara and Minji – yet the fashion criticisms just won’t stop.
  • Pep.ph has released an article stating Joseph Bitangcol (Dara’s Ex) and their reunion the last time Dara was in the Philippines. If asked if there are chances for them to get back together, he said that it was a bit shaky because of their careers and all, but they did remain friends in the reunion with an extra awkwardness of course. By the way, he’s a fan of her now. 😉

Really, when is enough – enough guys?
You’re too much already.


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2NE1 || More 11st Photos & Dara’s PHIL Vacation

No 2NE1 updates lately from their me2day account, but they are spreading hype by their many appearances. Not to mention a lot of stalking with their previous commitments. Open this post and you’ll find:


  • More pictures from their 11st Shooting/Filming.
  • Dara’s Philippine Vacation plus her own version of Minji’s Alleged Carebear Pants.

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ME2DAY 081709: GDragon & 2NE1

ME2DAY 081709
Updates from Bigbang’s Gdragon and 2NE1 Ladies



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