TWITTER || The Power of KPOP Part II

The Power of Kpop Part 2! So, I’ve been out and about these past few days after a sucky internet provider broke down on me — and when I popped back to my favorite social site (Twitter), Kpop fans have shown their strength once again. Not only for one artist but two, plus a music show.


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SBS Inkigayo 092709

Today’s Inkigayo Highlights are:


  • 4 Minute wins their first MUTIZEN.
  • Gdragon performs Breathe.

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Highlights of today’s INKIGAYO:


  • Gdragon wins his 3rd Mutizen for Heartbreaker.
  • Comeback Stages by Lee Seunggi, Taegoon and Park Hyoshin
  • F(X) Presents their Campaign Song.

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SBS Inkigayo 090609

SBS Inkigayo’s Highlights are:


  • Comeback and Debut Performances by: 2NE1 for Pretty Boy, 4 Minute with Muzic and f(x) with Lachata.
  • Gdragon on the usual stage with him winning the number one. Take note of 2NE1’s congratulatory performance. Lol.

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2NE1 || To Release Unplugged Version

Much love was received after 2NE1 performed their unplugged version of I Don’t Care in SBS Inkigayo last weekend, causing YG Entertainment for its immediate release.  If I’m not mistaken, this was the remix done by 1tym’s Song Baekkyoung? Correct me if I’m wrong.

2ne1 (3)

INFO TAKEN FROM ALLKPOP: A YG representative stated that the Inkigayo special stage to commemorate “I Don’t Care” promotions received a very hot reaction; thus, they decided to release the unplugged version for digital download on September 4.


In the Wonderful Word of SBS Inkigayo:


  • Lo and behold, Special Stages from the YG Talents themselves.
    Gdragon with his anticipated solo debut, love the performance. Superb!
    And 2NE1 with yet another rendition of I Don’t Care.
  • Comeback Stages: Jewelry and Hwangbo
  • Public Transport Stage from Ft Island
  • And Guess who took the Mutizen? One month since their comeback, the award goes to Kara! đŸ˜‰

Videos Inside.

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INKIGAYO CAMPAIGN: Public Transpo Awareness

Idol groups such as Ft Island and Kara will be filming a campaign for SBS Inkigayo. It is for the awareness of using public transportation.


Article Credits to Kbites:

5 singer groups – FT Island, KARA and others will be filming a video for SBS Inkigayo for an awareness campaign of the use of public transportation.

This campaign is also called ‘Blue Sky, Clear City together with Public Transportation’. An FT Island version of the campaign video will be shown on 30th August first, followed by KARA’s on 6th September. And the videos by other singers will be shown each week on the show until 27th September.

For FT Island’s version of the campaign video, the boys will be shown taking the 9th line on the subway singing to the campaign song. While KARA members will be shown taking the public transportation bus.

Oher singers involved for this campaign are Baek Ji Young and ShinDong.