Family Outing || Seungri, HyunJoong Preview

This is the episode you’ve been waiting for me. Family Outing were Daesung got Seungri as a replacement and Hyun Joong arrives as a guest. Preview in this post, and it airs next week!

Can’t wait! 😉

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FAMILY OUTING UPDATE! Kim Hyun Joong & Seungri Fan Pics


Finally, even if the episode isn’t due yet on September – some fancams gave us the delight in showing us how filming went when SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong graced the set of family outing, together with Bigbang’s Maknae Seungri who filled in as a replacement for Daesung.


It said to be that:

  • Hyun Joong helps out with Hyori for some breakfast?
  • And Maknae Seungri helps out with the marketing together with Jaesuk and Jongshin.

Credits to Allkpop.
Open for more.

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FAMILY OUTING || Kim Hyun Joong & Seungri

It has been announced before the Lee Seungri, Bigbang Maknae has volunteered to replace Daesung for the meantime in the upcoming episodes of Family Outing. That is just one. Because after much anticipation another hot celebrity is participating in August 24/25 schedule. None other than KIM HYUN JOONG, hot stuff from Boys Over Flowers.


The PD to the show revealed on 24th August, “Kim HyunJoong will be star guesting on the show. He is currently filming with us in a village in KangWonDo.” [Kbites]

BIGBANG || Daesung’s Replacement & GD’s Album Errors

Bigbang bringing some good love and more news…


  • Seungri will be Daesung’s replacement in Family Outing.
    Another member helping out fill the roles of one fellow before a contract, and mainly because our dear maknae also wants the attention on a wider circle. If you have seen Intimate Note, you would see Seungri jealous of Daesung’s wide celeb circle – and him being straightforward is well admired. You go little one. 😉
  • On the other hand, fans and most likely international ones are so eager to spot on some typos over GDragon’s newly released album. If it this is more of a hint, the album is already out – signed and delivered.;)

Open this post for the details.

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BIGBANG || GD and the MV’s | Seungri’s Letter | Anniversary Message | NII & Goodies

August 20, 2009


  • Gdragon’s list of upcoming music videos revealed.
  • Seungri writes to the fans, translated.
  • Bigbang’s Anniversary Message!
  • BONUS! Scans from NII Photoshoots and Bigbang Goodies. 😉

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BIGBANG SEUNGRI: Wows audiences with ‘ Shouting ‘

Big Bang’s SeungRi is wowing reviewers with his performances of “Shouting”.


Despite fellow Big Bang member Dae Sung being replaced by a understudy because of a car accident, SeungRi has proven that the incident hasn’t affected him.

Victory dazzled the audience with his charismatic showmanship, brilliant dance moves and powerful vocals.

His voice drove the songs forward and provided a rich and soothing spirit tinged by his nasal yet attractive style. Victory also proved to be a proficient and effective actor who knows how to engage the audience.

Although he looked little nervous while acting, his performance has significantly matured from his previous work, “Sonagi (Rain Shower).”

“Shouting” Is being performed at KEPCO Art Center and the show will run till August 23rd.

Source: KoreaTimes
Article Taken from KpopOne

BIG BANG BEANS: Big One Translations

For each member’s translated interviews, open this post. 😉


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