TWITTER || The Power of KPOP Part II

The Power of Kpop Part 2! So, I’ve been out and about these past few days after a sucky internet provider broke down on me — and when I popped back to my favorite social site (Twitter), Kpop fans have shown their strength once again. Not only for one artist but two, plus a music show.


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Most Favorite Artist || College Entrance Examination Candidates

Most Favorite Artist || College Entrance Examination Candidates


SS501 bagged the top spot for being the most favorite artists for College Entrance Examination candidates — voted by the netizens of course.  Garnering 38% of the votes. For the rest of the results, open this post. 😉
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SHINEE || Music Charts Positions

SHINee is making a big comeback with their album ” 2009, YEAR OF US”. And after its release, good reviews in terms of good position in music charts proved their idol status. 😉


Details inside.

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SHINEE || “2009, Year of Us” Album Sales

SHINee’s 2009, Year of Us albums has said to be doing well in advance orders. Looks like 2009, is indeed Shinee’s Year. 😉
Congratulations boys.


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F(X) Luna || Feat in Shinee’s Album

F(X) Member to have a song collaboration on Shinee’s latest album, to be released on October 19th.


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Prints & Photoshoots II (101109) || SHINee’s Album Do

Prints & Photoshoots II (101109) || SHINee’s Album Do


3/5 of the SHINee members get an upgrade as they plan to return for a comeback this year. After the success of Romeo, them boys are just sizzling them new cuts and styles. 😉 As of now, we only have Onew, Taemin and Jonghyun.

Stay tuned for the last two. 😉

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KPOP || Comebacks & Collaborations

KPOP || Comebacks & Collaborations
October 08, 2009


October has arrived! Not only is this a debut month for the many rookies, but also the comebacks of some veteran idols.

  • Taeyang released comeback photos for his 2nd solo album.
  • SNSD and F(X) Team up for some ‘Chocolate Love’.
  • Shinee, reportedly to be returning with a Mini Album as well. 😉

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