In whatever angle of every press release they have all made, the conclusion is very obvious — there is still no one in both camps willing to set the trouble behind. SM Entertainment are still pointing some misjudgements on the three alleged members, and TVXQ Three aka Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are mum to their word to not agree on anything unless true legal considerations are presented.


It gives me, a fan, to a conclusion that no matter the legality, professional standards and bonding one spends on their entertainment company (vice versa on their artists) — when actions are made, especially legal ones, it’s a long duration for one to stand by it. I’m proud of the three who continues to fight for what they think is wrong, but that only prolongs everyone’s agony don’t you think?

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TVXQ || SM Contracts Revealed

After the court’s verdict being in favor of TVXQ and its members, SM Town have released their contract details — and it’s not that splendid to see. Details under this post.

tvxqgroup (5)


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TVXQ Update! || Parliamentary Inspection for TVXQ & SNSD Yoona

SNSD Yoona and TVXQ will be placed on a tough position, as they will be hold witnesses to the next part of the case as an order for Parliamentary Inspection regarding SM Entertainment.

tvxqgroup (5)

Details Inside.

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Super Junior Kangin || Confirmed Allegations?

Super Junior Kangin had been pushed through with Assault Charges after Surveillance Camera records confirmed its allegations. Sm Entertainment had apologized for the scandal and promised that such issues won’t rise up again.


Oh my. What’s with Kang In now?
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Super Junior Kangin || Assault Case?

Another popstar, another lawsuit.
Is it just me or are boybands getting the good magnet of being in police or court’s hands lately?


Now we have Super Junior Member, Kangin, who seems to be in between an assault case after a drunken fight in Gangnam last September 16, points the blame on him.

Details inside.

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Super Junior-M || Super Girl MV

Super Junior-M enthusiasts, your time has come. For those wanting to take a peek at Jessica’s involvement, well – this is your day too.  The groups’ music video has been released today, in all four countries simultaneously, taking the hint that this will be one powerful comeback from the boys.


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Finally, the whole saga of the TVXQ VS SM ENTERTAINMENT’s lawsuits are all coming to a slow end. But the results isn’t out yet, because right after SM Entertainment handed the needed documents – both parties are to await the courts’ final judgement.

tvxqgroup (3)

Kudos to the boys, the agency and the fans.
May the legal battle end in peace.

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