After Hyun Joong, Artists are taking Flu Precautions

After Kim Hyun Joong’s diagnosis of Swine Flu or AH1NI, other korean artists are already being placed in health precautions to prevent the spread of the disease and avoid further disruptions.


SM Entertainment, management company for TVXQ, Super Junior and SHINee expressed that they are trying to curb the spread and “Singers have already been given disinfectants and masks, and they have been instructed to keep (the company) up to date with their health status. If they feel that there are abnormalities with their health, they are to inform the company immediately.”

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SUPER-JUNIOR M || The Comeback

Are you a fan of Super Junior?
Better yet a fan of their subgroup, SUPER JUNIOR M?


Well, the fandom continues.

It is said to be that they’ll be back on September 11th as they release their teaser video on SMTown official site ( and on SoHu (

Taken from Kbites.

Super Junior M, consisting of 7 members HanKyung, ShiWon, DongHae, RyeoWook, KyuHyun, Henry and Zhou Mi, debuted in China last April with their 1st album β€˜θΏ·(Me)’. They also won the best newcomer award at a big-scale music awards in 2008.

SM ENTERTAINMENT has a lot of explaining to do.

SM ENTERTAINMENT has a lot of explaining to do. You know what, from a point of a random bystander – without TVXQ’s issue with their management agency, things wouldn’t be out in the open. Whoever is at fault, should be given proper treatment and sanctions. However, now that the issues are out, more and more are also claiming the voice.


Here’s what SM Entertainment needs to explain about:

  • Intricate International Contracts means a very specific and complicated splitting of shares.Β  For some reason, SM Japan has released the exact earnings of the members since their Japanese debut, and that left the rest scratching their heads for the percentages and profits.
  • Also, fans are demanding an explanation for the supposed to be SM Summer Concert with TVXQ and the rest of their talents. They too, are filing for a court case just so they could get the proper treatment from the sudden cancellation.

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Everything f(x)!

After debuting with ease last September 02, f(x) members have showed everyone the training they have earned for 3 years.


Open this post for the said performances and some tidbits.
All thanks to Kbites!
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SM ENTERTAINMENT: ” We were waiting for some answers.”

SM Entertainment reveals their said after the said deadline for evidence submission wasn’t followed. My reaction? Isn’t this too petty for a reason? They have a lawyer, that piece of information should’ve been clarified the moment the court gave its decision.


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F(X) || Revealing La Chata

After a blow by blow account of their member and their profiles, it feels like SM Entertainment is threatened by 4 MINUTE and other groups’ hype that they decided this sudden 40 seconds teaser to their new girl group’s Music Video.

f(x) with La Chata


Full MV will be released on September.
Meanwhile open this post for the teaser and full song. πŸ˜‰

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TVXQ UPDATE! No Evidences Submitted, Disbandment Blown Off

More on TVXQ’s Trial with SM Entertainment:


  • Deadline for the courts request for Preservation of Evidence was not followed by SM Entertainment. These documents were crucial for the resolution of the cases filed by three of TVXQ Members, and while the documents are set to be released – the court’s decision varies. Without the documents, a final verdict due in September 11 will be affected.
  • Meanwhile, A-Nation has released a statement that TVXQ’s disbandment have been blown out of proportions.

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