TVXQ || GQ Magazine

GQ MAGAZINE states that the Real TVXQ was in Japan. Why? Because amidst the crisis the boys are going through, activities and sales in Japan are still remarkable. Compared to other artists who crossed the shores, TVXQ still reigns the top spot.


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Why was Tiffany absent?

Why was Tiffany absent on Intimate Note? SM Entertainmen reveals why. Please do pray for her. Two days ago, she was online at Soshified and said that she has lost her voice. Hope all is well Tiffany! 😉


Taken from Kbites:

On August 28th, Girls Generations’ Tiffany was the only one who didn’t participate in the filming of “Intimate Note.” Many fans when they had not seen Tiffany on show questioned the rumors about Tiffany being  a loner in the group. However, SM Entertainment quickly cleared up the news for everyone. On August 29th, SM Ent. told an official  through the phone that during the filming  date, Tiffany’s grandfather had passed away and she had to return to America  for a short period of time. In addition, they added that the “Initmate Note” filming had to still continue on so they filmed without Tiffany.

Meanwhile, on the episode aired on August 28th on “Intimate Note,” Girls Generation revealed many truths and exposed their inner feelings. Many Girls Generation fans were excited to hear about the girls secret habits and their dorm life.

FALSE RUMOR! SNSD Jessica’s Attack


Earier today, I posted that Jessica has a rumored incident of an attack from an anti. Well, it was simply proven to be a plain rumour after SM Entertainment Released their statement:

“This is not true. We saw the pictures and it wasn’t a surprise that many would be thinking that way. The members attended the Incheon Festival, as they are the ambassadors, yet it was very crowded due to many visitors at the time. The members of SNSD were very shocked. The members were worried a fan might get hurt from the huge number of people. Their expressions weren’t bright because they were worried and shocked. The camera incident is not true.”

Credits to allkpop

Attack of the Netizens || Jessica SNSD

When netizens attack, this time they rage their anger out to SNSD’s Jessica.


This is still unconfirmed, or in simple words –a PLAIN RUMOR. However, unless a statement is made – fans and netizens alike are in a debate if such incident did happen. What happened?

There’s a lowdown brought to you by Allkpop right after this post.

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TVXQ || Fans’ Petition & Yunho’s Offering



  • Fans continue their fight as they filed for a petition in concern for their idols. It’s their signatures fulfilling their hopes to protect TVXQ’s rights against unlawful contracts and work inadequacies.
  • However, on a lighter note – Jung Yunho, Cast and Staff of Heading to the Ground made an offering for the success of their show.  They made a sacrifice to the spirits for the success of their project.

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TVXQ Update! Crebeau versus SM Entertainment

Seoul’s Gangnam Police Station has started a full investigation regarding the defamation lawsuit filed be CREBEAU to Sm Entertainment, in which DBSK Members have an investment on.


This was the same company who went through losses after it was mentioned in the trial.
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TVXQ || 2 Month Break Update

TVXQ’S ‘Break” Update!


Now that news of the suspensions, break, or delayed schedules have reached every Cassies’ ears, news has it – they are only given a 2 month break. 2 Months? If you count all the breaks in TVXQ’s career, this is ultimately long for a break. However, all commitments previously agreed on will push through – there are no confirmations on additional bookings or guestings. Not unless if the boys stop their current schedules or stop the lawsuit.

Am I sensing a hint in SM Entertainment’s dislike?
A 10-day rest period was profits suicide before, what more for 2 months?

Let’s be update and ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH.
Full article credits to Daily Kpop News Inside.

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