Attack of the Netizens || Lee Sooman

What’s the netizens’ latest hype after the TVXQ VS SM ENTERTAINMENT TRIAL? This time, Lee Soo Man falls victim after netizens have garnered of his residence (office/house) and lavish lifestyle.

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CYWORLD 082509 || Super Junior ( Donghae, Yesung, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun)

Super Junior fills the fans delights with many updates off their many activities and vacations:


  • Donghae yet again updates on his randomness and posts about his thoughts on Yesung and his birthday celebration. Another info was also shared on their recent vacation with the members.
  • Yesung shares his love for his birthday and adds on a little something of his activities.
  • Another mood update for Leader Teuk.
  • And Kyuhyun’s random posting about his whereabouts and ‘shabby selca’

I have the feeling that the boys are so bored as of the moment they have time to update.
But who says we don’t love it right?

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TVXQ UPDATE! Another Side of Yunho & Another Fangirl

In this TVXQ UPDATE, we have a lot of anotherssss…


  • Another Side of Yunho. In this post, we find another side of Yunho which the fans find amusing compared to his charismatic stage look as he filmed another scene for his upcoming drama debut.
  • Another TVXQ Appearance, Another fan girl and not just another fangirl but AYUMI HAMASAKI. She even blogged about! Open this post to find out. 😉

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CYWORLD 082309 || Super Junior (Shindong, Donghae, LeeTeuk)

Shindong, Dong Hae & LeeTeuk’s Comments on Donghae’s Page


  • First off, I have always Lol-ed at Shindong for his witty sense of humor. It’s a talent, I tell you and his post today proves of his ability to do so. Who would ever joke of his weight but him, right?
  • Donghae blogs of his recent view and suggests some music.
  • Leader Teuk on the other hand leaves Donghae some comments on his page. 😉

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TVXQ || Actors (Yunho & Changmin) Updates & A Duo Single

August 23, 2009


Let’s rest our heads from analyzing their court cases and settle on for some professionalism and fan news… All right?

  • In Yunho’s latest interview for the ‘Heading to the Ground’ Press conference, he states that his members are supporting him with his acting stint 100% and confessed that he still a bit awkward on his new acting title.
  • Another TVXQ Actor, Changmin is also said to be starting the filming of his new drama – in which he will play the lead role.
  • Lastly, Jaejoong and Yoochun has released their photo off their single Colours which to be released in Japan on September 30.

Original Articles, inside.

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Super Junior || Hankyung’s Scandal & Eunhyuk’s Message



  • Super Junior Hankung tired and already suffering of the media’s attempt to fabricate his pictures towards dating. Apparently, as what was stated, it was always an outing with a group – but only the cameras were focused on the alleged ‘couple’ and make it look like they are dating. The rumored girl is Jia Ling a Chinese Celebrity.
  • On a much lighter news, Super Junior Eunhyuk posted a happy update on his Cyworld.

More inside…

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TVXQ VS SME II || Topics of Discussion

Yes, a lot more articles for the TVXQ VS SMENTERTAINMENT hype. But with this, it won’t be just another fan account. Good authors actually wrote btoh good and bad sides of each of the persons’ statements. In the eyes of the fans, TVXQ will always be right. But with what’s happening behind the curtains, we can also attain that to some degree – SM ENTERTAINMENT might just be telling the truth as well.

Come to think about it, SME can be also fair in terms of their agreed deals and TVXQ just had to make the negative choice because there is no way on pulling down an agreed upon and signed contract and facts. Get it? It’s a Win-Lose Competition, so let’s see what the court decides.

Whoever is the victim and culprit here, I just hope that it’ll be settled once and for all.

dbsk (1)


  • EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT: Lifetime Contract versus International Expansion
  • REVENUE DISTRIBUTION: Proportional Income versus Agreed Facts
  • COSMETICS VENTURE: Common Example versus Nature of the Case

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