KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?

KPOP Survey || Office Workers’ Favorite Group?


More and more online surveys are appearing, and this time idol groups are in the spotlight as Office Workers Favorite Group. Who topped the survey? Number one is the picture above. Open this post for the rest of the results.

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Prints & Photoshoots II (102709) || Yoona for Ceci — Full Pictures

Prints & Photoshoots II (102709) || Yoona for Ceci — Full Pictures


I have posted some pictures of Yoona gracing Ceci’s November Issue, and this time — Full Pictures have been released. In this set you’ll see why this girl is everybody’s favorite as she channels different kinds of look, and rocks it. 😉

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SNSD’s Yoona || Seung gi versus Andy

SNSD’s Yoona || Seung gi versus Andy


SNSD’s resident charmer had captured the “hearts” of two Kpop Celebs lately, and that’s between Lee Seunggi rivaling towards Shinhwa member Andy. It’s from two different shows, but you gotta admit — this girl can capture any man’s heart. 😉

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SNSD & F(X) || “Chocolate Love” Auction

It first started off with 2PM’s Jaebom, now SNSD and f(x) are auctioning off their ” Chocolate Love” outfits.
For a good cause! 😉


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Fanclub War : SNSD vs 2NE1

I didn’t know about this, but thanks to kokonut at — I have found out that 2NE1’s official fan club color is HOT PINK. And that struck some little fanclub war with SNSD fans. For their fanclub color is Pastel Pink. SONE versus Black Jack? Uh-oh.

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SNSD || Hope TV Campaign

SNSD who has been part of HOPE TV for quite some time now, has released their own design and is currently on sale.


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Invincible Youth Premieres

October 23 was the date whhen Invincible Youth premieres, and it has already garnered superb ratings. Thanks to this ” Girl Power” Theory they are raunching on. 😉


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Prints & Photoshoots II (102109) || SNSD’s Seohyun

Prints & Photoshoots II (102109) || SNSD’s Seohyun


  • SNSD’s Seohyun charms her own spread for Oh Boy Magazine, where different concepts of her charming beauty has been captured. Nothing blank, nothing over the top – Just the way I like it, and it works for her beauty. Simple. 😉

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Prints & Photoshoots (101909) || Yoona for Ceci Magazine

It’s time for SNSD member, YOONA to grace a cover of a magazine – unattached.
Here’s our talented member as the cover for the November Issue.

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Yoona & her abs

Which SNSD member is in hot talks because of the sudden exposure of her abs? Well, Yoona of course! As her fab tummy had made its exposure after their LG Cyon showcase performance.

Netizens have been saying:

“Even though she’s skinny, I was amazed by her abs.”

“Amazing, she must’ve worked out a lot.”

“Face and body, YoonA is the best.”