Online Poll: Best Legs for Jeans?

Who’s got the best legs to be a jean model?


Taken from Allkpop:

SNSD’s Sooyoung has been voted to the top spot, for the title of “best looking singer as a jean model” via music portal site Bugs. Standing in at 170cm with a pair of extremely long legs, Sooyoung received over 50% of the votes.

Netizens stated:

“Sooyoung’s long legs and slender body make her the perfect jean model!”

The rest of the list:

2. Son Dambi
3. After school UEE (170cm)
4. KARA Nicole
5. Jewelry Park Jung Ah
6. Baek Ji Young

Girl Domination || The Trends & The Hype

Another girl group article, another insight. This time an article seeks to find the trend in which many girl groups these days do in order to maintain the hype and popularity. Critics call it a phenomenon as today’s talents aren’t just good in stage, but also good in other aspects. With the surge of digital music, various shows and commercials – these entities alone maintain the groups hype into the scene, and this is what the audiences want to see all these time.


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DREAM || The 3rd Kiss

On the 4th episode of Dream, the new drama starring Kim Bum and Son Dam Bi, after winning a match, Jang-suk (Bum) decides to lay one on So-yeon (Dambi)… and she doesn’t seem too happy about it. Credits: Allkpop


Third Onscreen Kiss already? Just on the 4th Episode? LOL>
I wonder how the ratings are so far.

NEW RELEASE: Brave Brothers Debut Mini Album || Why he left YG

Plus, he shares why he left YG Entertainment.


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Soompi Charts: August Week 03


Credits to SOOMPI
by: edward1849

This week’s highlights are:
  • 2NE1’S Third Straight Week at the top spot
  • Kara’s Album is the BIGGEST MOVER OF THE WEEK.
  • After School + Son Dambi’s Hot shot Debut.
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Previews & Releases: Jewelry’s Strong Girl || Brave Brother’s MV Teaser

Previews & Releases: August 17, 2009

Jewelry’s Strong Girl || Brave Brother’s MV Teaser


  • Group Jewelry revealed a track ‘Strong Girl’ off their comeback 6th album on 17th August.
  • The Brave Brothers released the teaser MV to his upcoming solo album ‘Attitude’ title song ‘Invisible’ featuring singers Son DamBi and Lee MinWoo on 17th August.

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Credits to Kbites.

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TVXQ UPDATE 081509: Good Intentions



Cassies show their support for TVXQ Boys amidst the current struggle.  Open this post to find the Cassie’s support posted throuh a newspaper advert. Good intentions makes me, a fan, smile. 😉 Credits to xdaisiesx3@soompi

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