KPOP Trending || Trending Kpop Topics

Day by day, international netizens have shown support to their Korean favorites — in their own little way. And what little way is that? The ever trending use of TWITTER of course. Nonetheless, netizens have rose up massive get togethers or maybe just plain coincidences to put their favorite artists in Twitter’s Trending Topics. May it be as a sign of protest, support or simple fun little flash mobs.


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SUPER JUNIOR || Super Show Thailand Details

Super Junior’s Super Show Concert Leg in Thailand sold out their most expensive seats in an hour. Details inside. 😉


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Update! Hanteo Current Top Kpop Album (2009)

I posted an update about this at least a month ago, and the tables have indeed turn for the new update for Korea’s hottest album.  We have different top spots so far, and some fans are not happy. Oh well, at least I am. ;))


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Super Junior || Kang In & Netizen’s Reaction

Netizens, fans, Korean audiences and the Police alike are in tuned to Super Junior’s Kangin DUI case. In which it was revealed that he identified himself in his original name and as a student. Giving different types of reactions amongst everyone. If you read the last part of the article, you’ll realize on what depressing psychological crisis our member is in.


Stop the hate and just forgive, please?

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Super Junior || Leeteuk’s Words

Super Junior Leader Lee Teuk has posted a one word post towards the recent issue with member, Kang in. Although everyone is still mixed about everything else, we can’t blame an always expressive leader to share a piece of his posts.


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Super Junior || Kangin in another trouble?

Super Junior Kangin in another trouble brawl. Right after silence over his alleged violence in a club – now, our dear idol member is in another case. A DUI.


I can only say, whoa.
I’ve only been out for two days,  and now another bad news.

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Idol Alert! Donghae & HyunJoong Hanging out?

It’s one of those rare moments where you see two persons from different groups, actually “hanging out”. May be it coincidental or what, DOnghae and Hyunjoong got them fans popping. 😉


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