SBS Inkigayo 102509 || The Highlights

SBS Inkigayo had the best of all comebacks today! After the surge of girl groups months ago, prepare yourselves for some male acts. Both solo and new groups. 😉 Woot! 😉


If you’re expecting a full rundown, you’re wrong. I’m only posting my favorites so far.
Biased much? Lol.

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KPOP || Comebacks & Collaborations

KPOP || Comebacks & Collaborations
October 08, 2009


October has arrived! Not only is this a debut month for the many rookies, but also the comebacks of some veteran idols.

  • Taeyang released comeback photos for his 2nd solo album.
  • SNSD and F(X) Team up for some ‘Chocolate Love’.
  • Shinee, reportedly to be returning with a Mini Album as well. 😉

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YG Artists and some YG Beans! 090809

A lot of YG Beans for YG’s talents lately, and it all starts with…


  • Taeyang’s upcoming release to battle with Gdragon’s promotions.
  • Ji Eun to come as Lady Collection, after 2 years of hiatus.
  • YG Talents and a whole lot of pic spam, GD AND 2NE1 LOVE.

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YG’s Plans || Taeyang’s Full Album

YG President has announced that Taeyang’s next album will be a full album. Now that Gdragon has released his, Taeyang is right on schedule in releasing his second solo as well.


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YG BEANS: YG LIVE TV Posted | Bigbang on Oricon Charts

090819 BIGBANG TV & GD TV & 2NE1 TV – YG Live TV


  • YG TV showing some YG Love.
  • 2NE1’s vacation in this episode. Lol at Bommie getting scolded?
  • TOP and YB in the studio and working? Oohhhhh.
  • I can hear some fans spazz. Dara & Gdragon Moment.

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BIG BANG BEANS: Big One Translations

For each member’s translated interviews, open this post. 😉


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GD BEANS: Album Updates + Preview

I am really loving me2day, GD just updated us with his latest improvements for his solo album.
Nice Strategy, hubby.


Video Credit to BabyBongaholic

Wanna see TOP, DS, YB AND SR PLUS 2NE1? Kbites translated them all. Click here.
Credits to KBITES

#09.08.2009: Urgent announcement! It is only little time left till my album release I’m thinking about whether to reveal a little of one track I shall see from the responses∼Please give suggestions quick^^

[Photo translation: In the midst of practising]


#10.08.2009: Ahh which song should I start revealing from.. Having a little trouble here hmmm