In whatever angle of every press release they have all made, the conclusion is very obvious — there is still no one in both camps willing to set the trouble behind. SM Entertainment are still pointing some misjudgements on the three alleged members, and TVXQ Three aka Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu are mum to their word to not agree on anything unless true legal considerations are presented.


It gives me, a fan, to a conclusion that no matter the legality, professional standards and bonding one spends on their entertainment company (vice versa on their artists) — when actions are made, especially legal ones, it’s a long duration for one to stand by it. I’m proud of the three who continues to fight for what they think is wrong, but that only prolongs everyone’s agony don’t you think?

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TVXQ || Jaejoong’s telecinema debut

The telecinema that TVXQ’s Jaejoong is in – is not preparing for its release on November 12.


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KPOP Trending || Trending Kpop Topics

Day by day, international netizens have shown support to their Korean favorites — in their own little way. And what little way is that? The ever trending use of TWITTER of course. Nonetheless, netizens have rose up massive get togethers or maybe just plain coincidences to put their favorite artists in Twitter’s Trending Topics. May it be as a sign of protest, support or simple fun little flash mobs.


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TVXQ || SM Contracts Revealed

After the court’s verdict being in favor of TVXQ and its members, SM Town have released their contract details — and it’s not that splendid to see. Details under this post.

tvxqgroup (5)


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TVXQ || Given full rights by the Court

TVXQ’S Battle with SM Entertainment, and the Update. Today, the court has already given part of its final ruling to the lawsuit between the two parties.  And to all fans, keeping the faith — the results are good. TVXQ Members are now given the right to interfere with their schedules and projects, as mandated.



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TVXQ || Xiah’s Brother to Debut

Xiah Junsu’s almost famous twin brother Junho is set to debut as a singer, in the Chinese market.


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TVXQ || Japan’s Popularity Level

Amidst the drama this year, a Cassie can also be proud of TVXQ’s success, and that’s relatable to their career. A MBC program did a little coverage on TVXQ’s popularity in Japan, and fair enough — the results are impressive. More details under the cut.

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