Jaebom finally speaks up?

It has been reported that Jaebom apparently left messages in their official cafe, saying not to make it harder for 2PM. After such spazz, everyone went loco when they find out that the local IP Address was in Korea?


Plus, Wooyoung speaks out his frustrations. ;(

Credits to Kbites.

On 21st September, at about 6pm, JaeBum posted a message on ‘Hottest’ with the title ‘Everyone…’.

In the message he wrote, “There is a reason to why I left. Because I was like a family to JinYoung hyung and 2PM boys. When I was having a tough time, they were by my side. Already it is very tiring, so please do not make it hard for them. So sorry for making everyone worried.”


  • “Is that really Park JaeBum”.
  • “How can someone who is in America have an IP address of that of a local Korean?”,
  • “Is this not written by JYP themselves?”,
  • “Is it possible that he leaves a message at this time when there is a 16 hour time difference between Seattle and Korea?”

Weird twist of events right? But it has been confirmed by JYPE that Jaebom has been updating the issue in Seattle, and was the one who wrote the reply.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung Speaks up.


He wrote the post on 22nd September at 3.59pm.

It’s so frustrating
Why is it that our fans do not understand our mind?

Jaebum’s mind
Jin Young hyung’s mind
and our mind

I’m frustrated to death

2PM || To Continue as 6, Wooyoung’s Cyworld Entry

Finally! JYPE had said something in this case.

2PM (3)

But apparently, it’s bad news. 2PM will continue without JAEBOM.
They finally had the courage to post a statement in their homepage and its says that they are to continue the band with just 6 members.  Jaebom had his standing point in leaving, but JYP also has his. Read the statement for some mature professionalism.

Meanwhile, Wooyoung speaks out or better yet- leaves a hidden message in his Cyworld.

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HOT BEANS || Park Jaebom’s Issue & More

I was reading a lot of information about Jaebom‘s current netizen outrage through his 2005 Myspace rants, and it leaves me shocked up to this point. Not because I’m mad at him, but because an idol like him is to face the consequences of his actions through public scrutiny.


The 2PM Leader is on our Hot Beans List, with the following updates:

  • After the Myspace pages came out, Jaebom and JYP Entertainment has released a statement and apology.
  • 2PM Member Jang Wooyoung, shows support through his homepage.
  • Just one day fresh from all the media frenzy, Park Jaebom together with 2PM attended the Incheon Korean Music Wave festival, with some photo comments from the press and netizens.

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Special Stages Continues…

Much hype and love from last week’s Special Performance, Music Core and Inkigayo gear up for this weeks episodes. Credits to Allkpop for the lowdown.


Music Core will consist of the following special stages:


* SNSD – Etude.
* T-ara (Tiara) – Performing S.E.S Dreams Come True.
* Hong Ji Young – Love Battery.


Inkigayo will consist of the following special stages:


* 2PM special hits performance of Seo Taiji & Boys, Park Jin Young (JYP), Rain, and Finkl.
* KARA will be performing 2PM’s Again & Again.
* Special girls dance battle between Nicole (KARA), Minzy (2NE1), Ga-in (BEG) and Hyuna (4Minute).
* T-ara – Performing Fin.k.l’s To my Boyfriend

UPDATES: Cyworld Charts + SGB Preview




The total number of homepage background songs that have sold has passed the 400 million mark. SK Communications’ Cyworld revealed in the morning of the 10th that their total sales figure for BGMs has exceeded 400 million.

“Because it is easy to purchase songs with acorns [Cyworld’s currency], the interests of netizens directly result in purchases.”

“The Cyworld BGM service is more than just a way of circulating music online. The service is energizing the online music market because we base it on the social aspect of letting people listen to their friends’ music. From now on, we will offer a download service and a mobile streaming service so many people can conveniently use online music.”

Jan.-July 2009 Cyworld BGM Total Sales ‘Best 10’

1. Gee – SNSD
2. I Don’t Care – 2NE1
3. Lollipop – 2NE1
4. Because I’m Stupid – SS501
5. Without a Heart – 8eight
6. Fire – 2NE1
7. Will You Marry Me – Lee Seunggi
8. 8282 – Davichi
9. Sorry Sorry – Super Junior
10. I Made an Accident – Davichi



Special Episode will feature: SNSD [Sooyoung, Yoona, Jessica, Seohyun], KARA, 2PM/AM, SHINee.
I’m laughing just by looking at the PREVIEW.

Video Credits to prot0980

Inkigayo Specials, UPDATED!



To coincide with Inkigayo’s Summer Break Special, current MCs and 2PM members, Wooyoung and Taecyeon will link up with SHINee members, Key and Taemin for a project called Project Girl Group.They will be performing SNSD’s latest chart hit, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).


Kara, who will turn into rocker girls ala the “Same Heart” MV, will join F.T. Island for rockin’ performances of their songs.


Brown Eyed Girls and 4minute will do a joint dance performance, probably similar to the BEG/Kara performance on Music Bank.


Finally, member(s) from girl groups SNSD, 2NE1, 4minute, BEG, and Kara will present special performances, along with a special feature called VTR “Girl Talk” – which meant that the earlier rumors were not completely unfounded.’

Other than these collaborations, there are two other specials which we previously reported: girl groups combining for a 2PM/Suju performance, and 2NE1’s performance of Big Bang’s “Last Farewell”.


HOTTEST BEANS: Wooyoung, NichKhun, Taecyeon




Recently there has been many complaints about SBS Star King on the episode aired on 1st August. On the show, they introduced hypnotizing as the ‘best studying method’ and had 2PM member WooYoung hypnotized on the show.

“There seems to be some misunderstanding on the show aired on 1st August about using hypnotizing on the show, and the production team would like to explain.”

“It is true that hypnosis will help the students with their concentration in students as part of the summer school break special on the show, we had invited NLP program which uses this technique and had helped many students increase their concentration when studying.”

“The 50 plus students who were invited on the show had their parents’ consent to be on it and teacher in charge of the hypnotizing has decided that to do hands-on experiment during the show.”

“We explained the process of the hypnotizing to the entertainers on the show. There will be no effect on the mental aspect of the people after hypnotizing.”

“WooYoung has also revealed that he was not forced into hypnotising when he said that he was scared of hypnosis and had said that he can’t speak after it.”

“There is some misunderstanding on the group hypnotizing process since the production edited out the part of the filming which features the students waking up from hypnosis, everyone was fine.”




On MBC’s Body Body Body August 2nd airing, model Jessica Gomes and 2PM’s Nichkhun and Taecyeon were the main guests. Body Body Body is basically a show where celebrities reveal how to keep your body healthy and in shape. In this particular episode, the guests played a game showcasing their yoga skills.


However, during a game to win an organized date with Jessica Gomes, Nichkhun successfully tickled Jessica with a feather causing her to lose her balance. But you fans have no need to worry, it wasn’t a romantic getaway or anything, just a ride together (with the cameraman) down a slide at the waterpark they were filming at.


RANDOM INFO: Jessica Gomez is Portugese mixed with Chinese and is probably most known in Korea for doing a commercial with Lee Minho for Cass 2X Beer. LUCKY GAL! 😉




After news got out that singer Bada was set to collaborate with 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, reports have revealed that Taecyeon is going to collaborate with yet another nuna. This time it’s Like Being Hit By a Bullet singer Baek Ji Young. The reason why she chose to work with Taecyeon?

“because not only does he have a great voice but his performance on stage is also impressive. With Ok Taekyeon’s manliness and powerful stage charisma that swoops many fans heart I think he’s the best qualified person there is,”