YG BEANS || 2NE1’s Album Update

It’s a rare occassion for YG’s president Yang Hyun Suk to give out official messages, but now he did – and it concerns his lady talent 2NE1. Details of their full length albums in the talks and process, and perfects the fact that everything in the album will be title track quality. He further on added on some projects the girls will be having.

2ne1 (5)

Details inside. 😉

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BIGBANG || Members with Solo Career & MV Filming?

YG’s President had released a statement regarding the Solo Junctions of Bigbang’s members. Specifically on Taeyang and Gdragon with their solo project as musicians. With the rest of the members having the limelight in shows, series and musicals. Meanwhile, pictures had been circulating round the internet of the four boys minus Gdragon – filming.


Dubbed to be as their next music video? That’s I’m not sure.

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MBC || Boycotting YG Family?

MBC denies claims that the station is boycotting YG Family and their talents. Allkpop and the rest of the online community had been ‘speculating’ the rumors of the subtle disappearances of YG’s talents in their shows.


Rumors, boycotts or just plain coincidences? You decide.
Details inside.

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Park Teddy || There is no copyright infringment

Plagiarism is such a big word in netizens lately, as if it was the first time they had ever used it.  For there might be a other terms to describe one’s familiarity to another song…Would sampling and pure coincidences ring a bell?


Nonetheless, 1tym leader and YG’s producer Park Teddy has spoke up about the copyright infringement accusations over his songs. He has made the songs for 2NE1’s Fire and the rest. 😉

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YG is #1!

YG is the top company netizens want to be in. After they answered the online survey asking “If you are a singer wannabe, which company do you want to enter the most and which company can you trust the most?”


Results inside.

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Gdragon and another controversy

On a more lighter beans, Gdragon appeared on Chocolate and took a test that got him a result of being a herbiverous guy. Meaning, they are likeable enough as guys but not ending up as boyfriends. Oh, more like me. They say I’m a good girl-friend, but not enough to be a girlfriend.


Meanwhile, KBS boycotts YG Entertainment after a no-show from Gdragon on one of their radio shows.

Details inside. 😉

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YG Artists and some YG Beans! 090809

A lot of YG Beans for YG’s talents lately, and it all starts with…


  • Taeyang’s upcoming release to battle with Gdragon’s promotions.
  • Ji Eun to come as Lady Collection, after 2 years of hiatus.
  • YG Talents and a whole lot of pic spam, GD AND 2NE1 LOVE.

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