Hayul || Sean’s 3rd Bliss

After giving birth to their third child, Celebrity couple Sean and Jung HyeYeong reveals photo of him as their latest bliss celebrated his 100th day. 😉 


I love this family to bits. Don’t you just love it?
Pictures of Hayul inside.

Credits to KBites.

“HaYul looked us in the eyes and looked funny and also spread his arms. I love you and bless you!”


Netizens say:

  • “The baby is really cute”
  • “He’s totally like an angel
  •  “He’s so beautiful that just look at his face is enough to make me melt”
  • “He’s like a baby sent from heaven”

Dara topples GD?

Dara has now overthrowned fellow YG talent Gdragon, in so many ways.
Oh well,  maybe just two.


  1. Dara still rises on the charts with her single for her Cass Commercial, ‘Kiss’ – pushing Heartbreaker off the top spot.
  2. Also, after Gdragon’s speculation with his ‘pretty Boy’ Hat – Dara has been seen with yet the same one, only different in message.

Is there a fascinating prank or trend going around YG Family lately?
LOL> 😉

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YG Artists and some YG Beans! 090809

A lot of YG Beans for YG’s talents lately, and it all starts with…


  • Taeyang’s upcoming release to battle with Gdragon’s promotions.
  • Ji Eun to come as Lady Collection, after 2 years of hiatus.
  • YG Talents and a whole lot of pic spam, GD AND 2NE1 LOVE.

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Gdragon & Some YG Love


It has been announced in many articles last week, that some YG Talents dared support GD on his Solo Debut Stage. That includes, Teddy, Kush & Taeyang. However, on last night’s episode of GDTV – we spotted a new one! Aside from Taebin from 1TYm, whom I really miss. We have uhm Junghwa, who shared a very good senior/junior relationship with our Kwon Leader.

Credits to Allkpop for the pictures.


GD’s Beans & More!

After a very hyped up solo debut performance, Gdragon has been hitting the waves for some beans.
Here are some spills:


  • After coming back with his first solo performance yesterday, Gdragon has been receiving a lot of love – not just from the fans but also from the rest of the YG FAMILY. That’s what you call family. Although, he doesn’t love himself much at all and give his performance a poor rating. What a leader.
  • Also, GDragon is now the only Korean face sponsored by Louis Vuitton.
  • The best news of all? INKIGAYO’s rating peaked yesterday after many fans tuned in to Gdragon’s performance. What a superb thing to do! This should keep my baby proud! 😉
  • However, amidst the good news – netizens are still jealous of the guy and graced another copyright infringement attack. This time for the song Leaders. Which has been linked to SNSD’s Gee Music.

More of his schedule inside. 😉

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2NE1 || Happy 100th Birthday + me2day



It’s their 100th day since debut, and boy don’t they sound like a newbie at all. These girls rock the Kpop Scene this year, and what a good review for such rookies. Open this post for their latest me2day update.

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YG BEANS 082309 || 2NE1’S Talents & BB’s TV

In today’s episode of YG BEANS, the only beans spilling post towards YG’s latest talents:


  • 2NE1 revealed that one of their hidden talents as a group is to speak different languages. A total of six if combined actually, and that’s impressive. YG picks best, no need for refresh training or something. Also, in their latest broadcast the girls told everyone who the members are in their own little home.
  • BIGBANG TV will reveal individual TV’s for each member. From Seungri’s Musical to Daesung’s Recovery. This should be a good one. 😉

Open this post for the original articles.

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BIGBANG || Gdragon + Korean Shores



  • GDRAGON: The Good and The Bad
  • BIGBANG, will finally greet their Korean Fans again. ;0

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YG BEANS 082009 || Bashing fans (Daesung, GD, 2NE1) | 2NE1 New Face for Female Idols


On today’s YG post, we have the following topics:

  • BASHING FANS! Really, they can be over the top at times. Not only bashing Mnet (GD & 2NE1) for some live censorship but also Daesung – even though he can’t be bothered by other stressors after such surgery.
  • 2ne1 the new face of idol girl groups. 😉

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