TVXQ || Fans’ Petition & Yunho’s Offering



  • Fans continue their fight as they filed for a petition in concern for their idols. It’s their signatures fulfilling their hopes to protect TVXQ’s rights against unlawful contracts and work inadequacies.
  • However, on a lighter note – Jung Yunho, Cast and Staff of Heading to the Ground made an offering for the success of their show.  They made a sacrifice to the spirits for the success of their project.

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  • Another backlash towards SM Entertainment. After filing against the alleged TVXQ Members, SM Entertainment faces yet another case. This time its with Crebeau’s Cosmetic Company Wishop Plus. The same cosmetic company they named after TVXQ said they didn’t want the merge or project. They are now filing for losses, for after their name was tagged with the case – their profits fell immediately.
  • On a lighter part, Yunho’s fans have grown increasingly and sends their love by visiting the leader on the filming of his set.
  • Also, Actor Changmin are also all gear for his first ever acting role. He wants to carry it perfectly.  First times are always crucial right?

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TVXQ || Actors (Yunho & Changmin) Updates & A Duo Single

August 23, 2009


Let’s rest our heads from analyzing their court cases and settle on for some professionalism and fan news… All right?

  • In Yunho’s latest interview for the ‘Heading to the Ground’ Press conference, he states that his members are supporting him with his acting stint 100% and confessed that he still a bit awkward on his new acting title.
  • Another TVXQ Actor, Changmin is also said to be starting the filming of his new drama – in which he will play the lead role.
  • Lastly, Jaejoong and Yoochun has released their photo off their single Colours which to be released in Japan on September 30.

Original Articles, inside.

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Leader Beans || TVXQ Yunho Updates

Leader Beans || TVXQ Yunho Updates


On today’s leader beans, we have translated articles  of TVXQ Leader Uknow – who wants to be referred now was JUNG YUNHO, the actor. Amidst issues will fellow band members, Yunho is on the rocket for his individual projects.

  • EVISU SALES GONE UP. Ever since the news and release of Yunho’s Evisu Campaign. Sales are increasing on a day to day basis, proving much star worth from his part. Fans and consumers alike love the idea of his ‘active’ concept in this campaign as it is similar to Yunho in real life.
  • Also, news has it – Yunho, Go ara and the rest of the cast of Heading to the Ground had some brief words after MBC’s Section TV interviewed them for their latest project. After which, the reporter asked Yunho for some comments to Cassiopeia, but was eventually signalled by fellow actor to not answer the query.

Original Articles Inside.
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TVXQ YUNHO II: Samgyetang Support

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho is getting strength from his fans’ samgyetang support.


A lot of Good Beans for TVXQ lately, but still no updates of their case. I hope it’ll push through, more and more celebrities especially from their agency are getting stressed about it as well. Not to mention the fans. However, to keep this post light enough – Yunho shares he received from his new acting stint. -G.

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TVXQ YUNHO || Talks about First Drama filming

DBSK’s  Jung Yunho talked about his first drama filming experience.

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Super List: TOP 3



In this month’s issue of Asian Plus Magazine, the publication’s staff came up with a Top 3 Super list for the following categories: Top 3 Super Sexy, Top 3 Super Handsome, and Top 3 Super Selective (or in other words, celebrities who have the most rules and are the most difficult to work with). The lists included hotties from idol groups like 2PM, Super Junior, and DBSK/TVXQ/Tohoshinki. Nothing about the rankings were overly surprising, except for maybe the Top 3 Super Selective list, which was apparently a tough call since it turned into a Top 4 instead. The magazine also published these rankings for China and Japan.

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